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The Volunteers (Episode 1)

This is a fun video we put together to let people know we need volunteers to help out at Awestruck.  We had a good time filming it…hope you enjoy watching it.  

*The first episode of Awestruck’s “The Volunteers” Series. Josh and the team discuss the need for new volunteers and why we do what we do. Throwing ladders, arguments, and arrests. Awestruck’s people step up.*

I’m Surrounded…

rioting-crowdI’m so grateful to be surrounded by great leaders at Awestruck Church!  Setting up early each week then staying late to pack it up is a challenge.  There is a great investment of time and sweat to make our service happen each Sunday.  I am so proud of the men and women that show up every week to get things done…many who then carry out vital roles of ministry after the hard labor.  Everyone chips in and no one pulls “rank” when it comes to the medial tasks!

Evan and Heather Blackerby came on board with Awestruck last summer as “staff” without a salary.  Evan is responsible for the Creative Navigation and Future planning.  His mind is full of great ideas and creative expressions for our worship time.  They recently posted their Monthly update and I wanted to pass it on to you.  It is always great to hear what God is doing through another perspective.  You can click HERE to see The Blackerby’s most recent update.  

I love what God is up to in our church, and can’t wait to see what His future holds!