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Decorating our Christmas Tree(s)

This year we have two trees!  Instead of one big tree the kids each got a tree to decorate.  It was Micah’s idea so that Santa would know exactly where to put their gifts when he shows up.  That’s my boy…always thinking of other’s first.  🙂


Backpacking the Grand Canyon (Part 1)

This is the first day of our Grand Canyon trip down the Grandview trail to Horseshoe Mesa then out to the Western arm of the Mesa.  The views were breath taking and every step had to be measured.  The terrain was listed as precarious and strenuous…I would agree with both descriptions.  Thank you to Larry and Sara Pugh for this opportunity of a lifetime!

Video of Micah’s 1st Day

Two days in and Micah is still loving school!  Here is a little montage of his first day from leaving the house to the trip home.  He gives us a recap of the day at the end.  I’m not sure what “Beefy Nachos” are, but they sure made his first day a lot more enjoyable.  

The Volunteers (Episode 1)

This is a fun video we put together to let people know we need volunteers to help out at Awestruck.  We had a good time filming it…hope you enjoy watching it.  

*The first episode of Awestruck’s “The Volunteers” Series. Josh and the team discuss the need for new volunteers and why we do what we do. Throwing ladders, arguments, and arrests. Awestruck’s people step up.*

Praying for Kate McRae!

Please join my family and people across the world praying for Kate McRae!  Aaron has been a friend and encourager for many years now, and this week they discovered their 5 year old daughter has a malignant and aggressive brain tumor.  Please pray for God to do a miracle in beautiful Kate as the surgeons operate today.  Pray for ultimate healing of her little body…pray for God to do the impossible!  Also, please remember Aaron, Holly, Olivia, and Will as they are tired and emotionally drained after this week of unexpected, life changing experiences.  Thank you!

Follow all of Holly’s Updates about Kate and see her Photos Here


I Can’t Get Enough of Grandpa Elliot

Check out the latest video of Grandpa Elliot singing “Fannie Mae” on the Playing for Change website.  I can’t get enough of this guy and his singing!

Mr. T “Root, Root, Roots” for the Cubbies

If you were not a Cubs Fan before watching this…then you will probably never pull for them after you see it!  🙂  I pity the fool that lined up Mr. T to lead the song during the 7th inning stretch.