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Playing in the Snow (12/19/09)

This was the first big snow my kids have ever experienced.  Almost 4 inches is kind of a big deal here in Greensboro, NC.  We took them out sledding on Saturday and had a blast.

Please notice how Shannon takes Ady out on the first attempt.  Ady then returned the favor later in the day.  No one was hurt, but it made for great video.  🙂


Monday Download

1.  Carolina beat Duke…Again!

2.  Duke lost both games to the Tarheels this season!  🙂

Snow man3.  We had some Great Snow last week.  It was my kids first Real Big snow experience!  They got to play in it for 3 days.

4.  The last few weeks have been very reflective and quiet for me.  Awestruck is 6 months old and I have meditating on what we do well and what needs to improve.

*As a leader I never want to be content with where I am, but always looking toward what we could be.  This makes it difficult for me to stop and celebrate the victories.*

5.  Speaking of Leading and Awestruck…We had another incredible day yesterday!  Brandon and Tana did an acoustic set that brought the house down.  

6.  We had Friday Fun Day w/ the kids last week.  We took them to SciWorks in Winston Salem.  That place is cool.

7.  Well, except for THIS!  That is just awkward and slightly disturbing.

8.  Micah had his first baseball practice on Saturday.  He did really good after taking a season off…I was proud of him.

9.  My kids left for the beach on Saturday afternoon which left me and my wife at home alone…Booyah!!!  (I found out Ady is flirting w/ College Boys @ the beach)

10.  I am loving my date weekend with my Wife…Just the two of us!

Monday Download

1.  It snowed…I mean it Really snowed a bunch!

2.  My wife is now on Twitter…you can check her out HERE.  I guess I have to behave now?

3.  Speaking of new links…Check THIS out!  This guy has finally launched his new site and it’s great!

4.  We celebrated 6 months as an official church yesterday at Awestruck!

5.  I was concerned that the weather was going to prevent anyone from showing up, but we had a great crowd.

6.  We did something odd at the end of the service, but it was one of the best moments we’ve experienced at Awestruck.  We all gathered in circle and prayed together for the future of Awestruck.  It probably wasn’t very “seeker sensitive”.  🙂

7.  I am pumped about our new series “The Next Step”.  I believe it is going to be a Huge milestone in the history of our church.

8.  We took Micah ice skating last week.  After one really hard fall, he did a great job.  If you missed the video check it out below.

9.  I finally got rid of my old Motorola Q phone last week!  Good bye and good riddance!  I upgraded to the Blackberry Storm, and I’m loving it!

10.  For the Record, I really, really, really wanted an iPhone…But I refuse to switch to AT&T from Verizon.  🙂

Monday Download

Micah and Ady in the Snow1.  We got some snow this week!  It wasn’t much, but enough for the kids to enjoy.

2.  The kids attempted their first snow man, but it turned into a snow blob/tower.  Then Adyson tore it down.

3.  I let Micah shoot the BB Gun because Mommy says he has to learn how to handle it before she’ll think about the .22?  We have a long way to go!  🙂

4.  Last week was very productive for me.  Tons of dreaming and planning for the future of Awestruck.  

5.  Sunday was another phenomenal day at Awestruck Church.  We wrapped up our “CelebReligion” series with the gospel according to Britney Spears.

6.  You can find all the sermons on the media page of the Awestruck Website.  A few good videos and links there as well.

7.  I am pumped about the February teaching series, “Stupid Cupid”.  We are going to blow the doors off some great myths about love and talk about God’s plan for relationships.

8.  We had a ton of first time visitors at Awestruck this week.  It was cool to see my old neighbor and some High School friends.  Made me nostalgic?

9.  21 weeks into being the pastor of Awestruck Church, I love it more than I could have imagined!

Snow Day Adventure

Last Friday (11/21) we got just enough snow to get us excited.  This was filmed about 7am!  I just had to wake the kids up and let them play b/c I knew it was going to melt pretty quick.  Enjoy.


What did you do on your snowy day?

A cold night for Tee Ball

We had our first Tee Ball game on Monday night.  It is awesome to watch all the kids run and figure out what they are doing on the field.  One of our players ran a big circle and missed all the bases.  The league we play in has a parent with each player to keep them from eating too much dirt and running into other players.  I love being the coach for the Cubs.  That’s right, we are the Cubs.  It was a great start to a great season.  The only issue we encountered tonight was the mist and cold.  Deep down it made me long for one more good snow before the warm weather settles in.  Everyone in our house loves the snow.  Especially our dog Xerxes.  


Random Fact of the Week: My wife was bitten by a cat on Monday night.  She is somewhat compulsive and did all her checks to make sure it did not have rabies.  We even googled Rabies!  Who gets bitten by a cat? 

Will it Snow Again?

All of this warmer weather and time change is exciting, but I wish it would snow one more time!  We have so much fun in the snow.  I was watching our video this morning and it made me kind of sad that we might not get to go sledding until next year.  Oh well, I guess tee ball, playing in the park and swimming pools give us something to look forward to.   Check out all of our videos HERE