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Playing in the Snow (12/19/09)

This was the first big snow my kids have ever experienced.  Almost 4 inches is kind of a big deal here in Greensboro, NC.  We took them out sledding on Saturday and had a blast.

Please notice how Shannon takes Ady out on the first attempt.  Ady then returned the favor later in the day.  No one was hurt, but it made for great video.  🙂

Will it Snow Again?

All of this warmer weather and time change is exciting, but I wish it would snow one more time!  We have so much fun in the snow.  I was watching our video this morning and it made me kind of sad that we might not get to go sledding until next year.  Oh well, I guess tee ball, playing in the park and swimming pools give us something to look forward to.   Check out all of our videos HERE