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It’s “Go” Day

Yesterday was a unique day in the short 9 month life of Awestruck Church.  We cancelled our service so our folks could serve.  I had no clue what to expect or if anyone would show up.  (It would have been a great excuse to skip church and sleep in)  To my surprise, we had more people than we had jobs, and the Awestruck crowd knocked it out of the park!!!  My personal goal was to see at least half of our average adult attendance show up to work and serve.  We’ve been averaging between 65-80 adults each week, and we had 42 people serving on Sunday morning plus 5 kids!  I was worried about this goal after 24 people informed me that they were either going to be out of town or working, but we reached and exceeded it.  

I was so proud of all that was accomplished yesterday.  One of our families made homemade biscuits to deliver to homeless people on their way.  One crew worked around the home of a lady recently diagnosed with cancer that has been virtually immobilized for a few months.  They weeded, planted flowers and vegetable garden, trimmed hedges, and sanded and repainted her rocking chairs.  The other crew met at Eastern Middle School (where we have church) to wash all the outside windows, pull all the weeds, pick up trash around the building and parking lots, and make over 100 thank you bags for the staff.  We finished the day by taking dinner to the local fire station.  I got reports from a few more folks about their acts of service over the weekend, because they couldn’t join us on Sunday.  

There were so many people working that I didn’t even have a task?  It gave me the opportunity to walk around and record the activities, so look for a video very soon.  Thank to all the folks at Awestruck who showed up to be the Church!