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Reflections on Awestruck Church (And a Prayer for our Future)

moveOne thing we can be sure of in life… Things will change! 

Sometimes that is bad, other times that means the situation is improving


In 2005 I had one item on my Christmas list…

It was a big ticket item and I just had to have it … It was a game changer!

4G iPod Nano

It did not take very long for my Life Changing Gift to become outdated…

It doesn’t hold many songs, No Touch Screen, No Candy Crush Saga???

This Nano led to other iPods, iPhones, iPads being in my house

Sometimes when things change it means there is an Upgrade in our life


Awestruck began in October 2007 with a group of 10 sitting in my living room

–In September 2008 we launched at Eastern Middle School

–In August of 2010 we began renovations on the Butler Rd.  property

And this is where we have been for the last 4 & 1/2 years


Since we have been on Butler Rd…

–We have camped out in below freezing weather

–Roasted almost 1000 hot dogs over a big bonfire

–We have hosted 2 Glow in the Dark Egg Hunts…before the sun went down

–We have worked hard together on improvements

–Hosted movie nights

–Served our volunteers breakfast and dinner

–Had some fun small group parties

–Our band has released 3 CD’s… Recorded one in this building

–We hosted a big CD release party right here

–We partnered with “The Patio” at this location

–2 churches became one awesome place for God to do work

–We have formed a great relationship with the Reedy Fork community

–We have celebrated 5 out of 6 of our anniversaries on this property

–We have seen some of our folks move on, but God has added a bunch of new people to our congregation at this property

–We have commissioned 4 people into Christian service and helped launch 5 church plant while in this building

–Tyler was ordained on this stage

–Almost 200 Families in our area have been blessed at Christmas time

–We have watched our children’s ministry become a youth ministry

–Almost 40 children have been dedicated on this stage

–Many people have given their life to Jesus at this property

–21 people have been baptized at this building

God has used this property to do some amazing work and gather some pretty awesome people.

The church is the people of God…Not the building

Over 100 Times in the NT the word Ekklsia is used to describe the Church

This word always means the Assembly or Gathering of people

NEVER the building or house where they met

Awestruck has had 4 Locations in 7 & 1/2 years 

God will move among His people as long as we are following His Plan and Seeking to give Him the Glory.

Here’s the Key to our Future success … We seek to Give Him all the Glory


Let’s look at Some things we need to Guard ourselves from in the Move:

1.  Being distracted by the location and the size

–God Grows a church…No matter where it is located

–Bigger does not always mean better … Especially if Christ is not the focus

2.  Letting the Newness Wear off … 

–Eventually the new location will become just the Location

–When that New building smell begins to fade we need to ask God to Refresh our passion for Gibsonville and the surrounding areas

3.  Thinking that the Church is becoming “Too Big”

–I believe we are going to grow in numbers

–You are going to bring friends and the Town is going to Show up

–As we grow bigger in numbers then you need to grow smaller in our community

–Get involved in a small group so that you can maintain intimate relationships

–Get involved with a serving team so you can work to help us reach more people

I Believe this with all my heart … We are moving forward in God’s timing and according to His Purpose for Awestruck

After 2 Frustrating years of waiting to hear clearly from God

He has answered our prayers about the location of our Gatherings

God has Clarified the Vision of our church so we can all move forward under the Heading of “Every Single One”  (Truth / Focus / Heart / Hope)

Our church body feels more Unified than ever before in this move…

-We have come together to work and renovate

-We have Unity in our daily prayers for the future of Awestruck


We want to keep our eyes on where God is taking us in the days to come

–Our past will always be a reminder of God’s faithfulness when we seek Him

–Our future is unknown, but We are trusting God to continue to Blow our Minds


This verse has always been our prayer…

It seems even more relevant at this time in our Church’s History

Eph 3 : 19  May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully.  Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. 20  Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 21  Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.

21 Days of Prayer for Our Big Move

As we prepare to move the location of our Church Services we are asking you to join us in prayer.  Each day we will be united in prayer about a specific thing that leads us to Easter.  This is a great way for your family to be part of what God is doing through Awestruck.

Let’s pray big prayers and trust Him as we move forward.

1 John 5 : 14  And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. 15  And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.
21 Days of Prayer:


16 Pray for at least one lost friend to invite to Easter Sunday

17 Pray for all the work in the theater to be completed on time

18 Pray for all the administrative and financial needs of the renovations to be met

19 Pray for unity and peace among the staff

20 Pray for wisdom and guidance for the staff

21 Pray for the leaders of the ministries of Awestruck Church

22 Pray for the volunteers at Awestruck Church

23 Pray for God to open hearts to the Gospel in the town of Gibsonville

24 Pray for the leaders and public servants of the town of Gibsonville

25 Pray for the business owners in the town of Gibsonville

26 Pray that God will use Awestruck Church in a big way in Gibsonville

27Pray for the new families that God is going to bring to our church

28 Pray for God to give you an opportunity to invite a friend to church

29 Pray for pastor Josh and his family

30 Pray for pastor Mike and his family

31 Pray for Tyler and his family


1Pray for Erin and her family

2 Pray for Erin as she leads her team to minister to our children

3 Pray for Tyler and the band who will lead the church in worship

4 Pray for Josh as he prepares to preach to the church

5 Pray that lost people will find the saving grace of Jesus Christ

A little wisdom from a little Princess…

I have the privilege of waking my kids, getting them ready, then dropping them off almost everyday of the week.  I love the adventure of waking them up.  I try to be creative and use different techniques like dance parties to the Beastie Boys, playing drums, throwing stuffed animals at them…and throwing our live animals at them.  🙂

My favorite part of the day is our car ride to school.  We begin with some rock n roll and head banging to get the blood flowing.  Then we always pray together.  I love to pray with my kids!  Me and my son (6) always choose a fruit of the spirit and pray that God will allow us to have and use it on that day.  My little girl (3 1/2) however has a mind of her own.  She does not conform to the system and chooses to be independent.  She is teaching me something new about prayer every morning.

It’s simple and I missed it for a long time, but it was so powerful once I finally clued in.  She begins every prayer with “Thank you God”!  That’s it…I told you it was simple.  Every sentence of her prayer, both praise and request, start with “Thank you God”.  She is trusting that no matter what she asks for or says to God is going to be taken care of.  As adults we learn to tag on something like, “we thank you in advance for hearing us and answering our prayers”, but my little girl has taught me that every line of our prayer should be full of expectancy and gratitude.  My little diva princess has reminded her daddy what an honor it is to pray, and how much we can depend on God to hear us when we speak to him.

“Conversation” (Week 4 Sermon)

day plannerPrayer is not a spiritual gift or something that only special get to do.  Prayer is something that most people find important, but don’t do it enough.  It’s one of those things we should do more often, but we get to busy and bogged down with the tasks of life and forget to stop and spend time with God.

In this message we discuss reasons we don’t pray enough, and some practical steps to get us on track to spend more time in conversation with our God who desires our time and our love.

Click HERE to listen to “A Practical Guide for Prayer”

“Conversation” (Week 3 Sermon)

whisperGod is powerful and mighty.  He is worthy of our respect and awe!  This amazingly glorious God is also a very intimate savior.  He wants to be close with us.

The beauty of prayer is that it is the conversation that gives us backstage access to the inner workings of our God.  Prayer is the conversation that takes us from our salvation experience into a relationship with our savior.  He wants to speak to us through the intimacy of a whisper.  

Click HERE to listen to “Backstage Pass”

“Conversation” (Week 2 Sermon)

recipe book coverJesus gave us the perfect recipe for prayer.  When He taught the disciples how to pray He used some specific ingredients that are necessary when we go before God in conversation.  We should recognize how powerful and awesome God truly is as we enter into His presence.  Respecting His majesty and glory as we talk to Him.  When we show our respect, it leads us to Repent of all the things that stand in between us and Him.  This is one of the most neglected aspects of prayer.  When was the last time your sins haunted and disturbed you?

Once we’ve entered into the conversation we should bring our Requests for ourselves and for others…expecting Him to answer them in His timing and in His will.  Then finish by Responding to what God has to say.  At times it calls for reflection and others it requires us to spring into action.

The Lord’s prayer was not a script, but more a recipe of crucial ingredients that are needed in our conversation with God.

Click HERE to listen to “The Recipe for Prayer”

“Conversation” (Week 1 Sermon)

conversation logo

Prayer is a tough word to define.  Many different religions participate in prayer.  We in the Christian faith participate in prayer, but it takes on different forms and styles.  I believe that Scripture gives us great examples how, when and where to pray.  The fact is that our prayers will sound different and feel different depending on our

 moods and situations.  Here’s why:  Prayer is a Conversation with God.  The better we know someone the more intense, honest, and intimate the conversation gets!  The more conversations we have, the deeper our relationship grows.

Prayer is all about you having a genuine conversation with your creator, savior and Father.  Jesus is our great example to follow in all that we do…Prayer is no exception.  He had conversations with His Father in the good times and the bad.  Each time it was honest and heartfelt.  How deep is your conversation with God?

Click  HERE to listen to “Conversation”

I’m not making New Year’s Resolutions!

resolutionEvery year I attempt to make resolutions, and every year I successfully break them!  I have decided to keep my list simple this year and call them “Lifestyle Changes” instead.  Just three and no more.  I believe these three will have a major impact on all the other little resolutions I could make…and break.

1.  I will consistently begin my day with God.  I start early every morning with my Bible open, but I am too often distracted by sermon prep or other church things.  My goal is to start my mornings w/ God and devote that time to Him.  To accomplish this I am using this Reading Plan to keep me on track.

2.  I want to work out on a more routine basis.  I am going to set my workouts and accomplish them every week.  I also want to eat in a more controlled manner.  This will help feed my body for exercise.   I have a goal of completing my 2nd Triathlon in July and that should keep me on track.  I also just went and joined The Rush today!

3.  I want to control my responses and words to others.  This will be difficult for me.  I am not a mean person, but I do speak my mind and I speak it too quickly at times.  I am beginning my days by praying for God to give me wisdom before I speak.  This applies to everyone in my life.  This is going to be the interesting one for me.

Resolutions are worthless without action.  I have decided on these 3 and am putting my plans into action.  We shall see how long they last.  I think I am actually typing this blog to help me remember in February? Happy New Year.

A Day full of Good News

It seems like just yesterday I was confused and frustrated over which direction our new church was going.  Oh wait, it was just yesterday.  Today is a new day and the good news keeps on coming.  First of all, I just found out that seven of the students at camp last week made first time decisions to follow Jesus!!!  That is so awesome.  We had a blast being there and am excited have been part of such a great camp.  In other good news, we possibly have a new door opening for Awestruck to meet on Sunday mornings.  Nothing is settled, but I at least have the opportunity to talk with them and talk about the options.  This is the first place that we have gotten that far, and I must say that it is the best place we have considered!  Isn’t it amazing how God takes our frustruations and uses them to open our eyes to His ways and plans.  Looking back I don’t know why we didn’t talk with them first, but sometimes all our options have to fail before we look to see what God is up to.  Why am I so hard headed?  

If you are someone who prays, please lift us up Friday morning @ 10:30.  This meeting could drastically impact the future of Awestruck!

Still Homeless, but Encouraged

I knew there would be struggles along the journey of planting a new church!  I was not naive when we began this deal, but I definitely miscalculated where the struggle would take place!  Yet another rejection from a possible location almost sent me into a tailspin, but I was able to pull it together and refocus before my mind went off the deep end.  I really thought this was going to be the place, but apparently God has bigger plans or it is not quite in His timing?  Either way, this situation has forced me back to a place of reliance that I had moved away from in the past few weeks.  I had become comfortable with my own efforts.  What a dangerous place to live…content with what we can do on our own.  That is not where I will choose to stay.  Today is a new day and I am back on the war path to complete this incomparable mission God has infused into my heart!  I am thankful that I do not walk alone.  My leadership team is smothering this deal in prayer and I have great friends to pray and encourage us along the way.  I want to share what This Guy responded with today after getting the request.  It made my day!

“Bro – we are DEFINITELY praying for you guys during this time.  Let me know if I can do anything to help!  Just know this is your stretching moment.  God wants to find out if you guys are fore-real – he wants to know when it gets tough – are you willing to stick with it?  Hey if it were easy – you would be standing in line waiting to plant a church.  There is a reason great church plants are few and far between. 

 I honestly believe God is taking you through this time to pull your team together and prepare you for what is about to come.  You guys are going to grow through this situation bro and God is going to use this in ways you just can’t understand right now.  Look at the story he is writing for Awestruck.  This is chapter 1 of your incredible story!!  You will look back on this one day and tell people that you truly saw the hand of God because he did things that you couldn’t do.  You can’t make (blank) open their doors, but God can.  
I am pulling up a chair – sitting on the front row [possibly grabbing a few snacks] and watching God do his thing through you guys.  We are rooting for you bro!  I am waiting for Guilford Co. to become forever Awestruck!!”
Please be Advised, Awestruck is coming to a location near you and it is going to be Incredible!!!  Please join us in praying for the perfect door to open in God’s perfect timing.  Thanks.