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A little wisdom from a little Princess…

I have the privilege of waking my kids, getting them ready, then dropping them off almost everyday of the week.  I love the adventure of waking them up.  I try to be creative and use different techniques like dance parties to the Beastie Boys, playing drums, throwing stuffed animals at them…and throwing our live animals at them.  🙂

My favorite part of the day is our car ride to school.  We begin with some rock n roll and head banging to get the blood flowing.  Then we always pray together.  I love to pray with my kids!  Me and my son (6) always choose a fruit of the spirit and pray that God will allow us to have and use it on that day.  My little girl (3 1/2) however has a mind of her own.  She does not conform to the system and chooses to be independent.  She is teaching me something new about prayer every morning.

It’s simple and I missed it for a long time, but it was so powerful once I finally clued in.  She begins every prayer with “Thank you God”!  That’s it…I told you it was simple.  Every sentence of her prayer, both praise and request, start with “Thank you God”.  She is trusting that no matter what she asks for or says to God is going to be taken care of.  As adults we learn to tag on something like, “we thank you in advance for hearing us and answering our prayers”, but my little girl has taught me that every line of our prayer should be full of expectancy and gratitude.  My little diva princess has reminded her daddy what an honor it is to pray, and how much we can depend on God to hear us when we speak to him.


The first Milestone…

safe-baby-handling14I remember it like it was yesterday!  I can still feel the emotion and anxiety of that night my wife said get up, we are going to the hospital!  I remember all 20 hours of labor…before the C-section.  I will never forget his first poopy diaper!  It was so bizarre looking that we actually called the nurse to make sure he was alright.  I remember bringing my boy home and thinking, “Now what do we do with him?”.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years and now my son has graduated preschool.  This is his first huge milestone in life.  We have many more to come in his life, but last night marked the beginning of a new era for Micah.  He starts “big school” in the fall and if what people tell me is true, he will be graduating before I know it.  I am proud of all he has accomplished up to this point, and looking forward to see the man that he becomes.  It’s just a reflective time for me to ponder if we’ve done everything we could to raise him and provide for him.  Have we prepared him for “big school”?  Only time will tell, but for now we will spend our summer celebrating his graduation.  

I love my kids!  I love being a Daddy and want to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.  Congratulations to Micah!!!

The Day of the Mommy!

Charlie Brown Mother's DayMy wife is a stone cold Fox!  That’s right, I think it and say it…maybe too often…My wife is Hot!  She is physically stunning, but beyond that ravishing appearance is intelligence, devotion, and a passion for God.  I don’t know where I’d be without her in my life.  She lays out the kids clothes, puts their lunch boxes together, washes all their clothes, gives them baths,  comes up with creative play day ideas, kisses their boo boos all better, makes us dinner, cheers at all their sporting events, takes them to get milkshakes…whether they deserve it or not, snuggles them to sleep, is the kids emotional supporter, cleans their rooms, takes them to play w/ the neighbors, sits with them while they puke (I can’t handle it?), throws their snot rags away, gives them the best kisses, always takes them to toy and pet stores, has the power to heal any wound with a band aid….she is an Awesome Mom!

I grew up with a mommy who was just as awesome and loving as my wife is to our kids.  To this day my mom still takes care of her boys.  Mommy’s have special abilities to love and care for their kids that us Daddy’s will never be able replicate.  Tell your mommy how much you love her.  Tell your wife how much you appreciate her.  Mommy’s are Gods gift to us!  Happy Mother’s day to all you moms!

Monday Download

1.  Ryan took me shooting this week in spite of my misfire that hit a large metal power structure last time we went.  Glad he gave me a second chance.

2.  I have discovered that shooting guns is a lot of fun!  So much fun that I am now in the market for a handgun.  My wife is not pleased!

Shooting3.  Speaking of my wife being unhappy…Micah went gun shopping with me Friday and came home telling her he wanted a Bolt Action .22 Rifle for his birthday.  Could be my fault for letting him hold it?  🙂  

***Check out THIS VIDEO to see her idea of “Safe”***

4.  Sunday at Awestruck was Incredible!  We talked about the “Gospel According to Ellen”

5.  A side note: The “CelebReligion” series has been very challenging to preach.  We have tackled some touchy subjects, but I am very pleased with our folks are receiving the sermons.

6.  Our Core truth for the week was “We are all sinners in need of a Savior”.  To0 often the conservative church wants to stand against individual sins as if they are more punishable than others?

7.  We had a bunch of new folks on Sunday.  I love seeing new faces every week and I’m pumped that our people are bringing their friends and family.

8.  Layden, Evan Blackerby, Bannister, and Josh Stegenga flat brought it last night at the Bring the Hope Tour!  

britney-spears9.  I was glad to see so many Awestruck people show up…even though I announced the wrong time on Sunday morning.

10.  I am really looking forward to Preaching “The Gospel According to Britney Spears” next Sunday!  I guarantee you it is not what you are thinking!  🙂

Little Copy Cats

I love my children!  You should know that by now.  When we go out in public everyone comments on how well behaved and polite they are.  They are little angels…sometimes.  I am going to type this in segments.  The time I have in between chasing them and telling to stop doing the same things over and over.  I am at home with my little angels, and they are not the same here as they are in public.  There have been times in public that they show their true colors, but they are few and far between.  One time Micah did something in a grocery store that he knew was wrong and he screamed at the top of his lungs, “Please don’t hit me again!”  That was a tough one to explain.  Ady does not like riding in the buggy, and she is prone to fits of obnoxious screaming until we finally remove her for the sake everyone’s sanity. For the most part though, they are great children.  We have worked hard to teach them how to behave and be respectful.  Micah says Yes Mam and Yes Sir because we are teaching him.  Kids are great at repeating what they see and hear.  They are learning from us, so we try our best give them good examples to follow.  Just this morning Micah took Adyson’s spoon and told her that we don’t eat until we say the blessing.  He then prayed for everything under the sun and when he finished they both said Amen. 

However, it seems that they are better at mimicking our bad behaviors than those that are more desirable.  One time Adyson saw me spit a “Quid” (horrible word, but not many options…lugey?) into the toilet.  She cried to get into the bathroom after I closed the door.  When I granted her entry in the bathroom she proceeded to spit in the toilet just like she saw me do.  Micah heard us call our dog a fat girl at home and while at Walmart he asked us, very loudly, if the lady in front of us was a “Fat Girl”.  That was also hard to explain.  Micah tells Adyson to stop being a pest because he heard me say it one time.  Adyson has developed her vocal talents to a point that she is now saying everything she hears like a miner bird.  The kids repeat everything they hear and see.  As I am typing this, both kids are working on their toy lap tops just like me.   

Matthew 5:16 let’s us know that everything we do is a representation of our Father.  Everything we do and say should point people to the change Jesus has made in our life!  He has given us the direction and living example of how to act.  It is up us to follow Him and personify His attributes here on earth.  How well do you depict God’s love and grace?  What kind of picture do you paint of Jesus in public?  How about when no one is looking?