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The Kids singing at Awestruck Church

On Sunday 9/27 some of our older kids sang during the Sunday service.  They did a great job!  Thanks to my wife Shannon for working so hard to practice with them and to all the parents for working with them at home.


I Can’t Get Enough of Grandpa Elliot

Check out the latest video of Grandpa Elliot singing “Fannie Mae” on the Playing for Change website.  I can’t get enough of this guy and his singing!

Mr. T “Root, Root, Roots” for the Cubbies

If you were not a Cubs Fan before watching this…then you will probably never pull for them after you see it!  🙂  I pity the fool that lined up Mr. T to lead the song during the 7th inning stretch.

You’ll watch this more than once…

This video gave me warm fuzzies…I think you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.  You can check out more about Playing for Change and watch more of their videos Right HERE.  Enjoy!

Random, but Fun

Do you need to be entertained?  Are you looking to waste a few minutes of your day?  Just push play on this video.  David Crowder does a very nice job with his Kanye West remix!

These Boys Rock!

Layden Rocks!  We are so privileged to have these guys lead our worship at Awestruck, and I consider it an honor to be their friend.  This is a song from their new CD coming out very soon.  Check out their Myspace Page to see their upcoming shows, hear more of their music, and be their friend.  Enjoy!

What I want for Christmas (Part 2)

I want a Hippo!  That’s right, and I’m gonna name him Charlie.  I sure hope Santa reads my blog?