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Constant state of Reflection and Learning…

magnifying glassI have taken a small break from blogging lately to reflect and analyze many aspects of my life.  I am a husband, a Daddy, and a pastor of a new church.  Each one of these responsibilities brings it’s own set of responsibilities and challenges.  I’ll spare you (and me) the details of how tough I’ve realized it must be to be married to me.  My wife is my greatest supporter and cheerleader…and I have realized how much more of my time and love she needs.  My kids are growing up faster than I want them too!  I have not figured out how to slow down time…so I have been pondering ways to enjoy each day and be the best dad I can be.  

As far as being a church planter/pastor/creative paradox for Awestruck Church is concerned, I am discovering how much I have to learn!  Our church is 9 months old and every week is a learning experience.  I am learning the balance between entertainment and engagement.  I am learning the difference b/n what I want and what God wants.  (His way always works out better by the way)  I am learning the difference b/n being a “boss” and being a leader.  I am learning how to lead within my strengths and surround myself with people that pick up the slack of my weaknesses.  

As a leader (in any area of work or business) it is crucial that we constantly evaluate who we are and how we can improve.  Reading books, blogs, and going to conferences are great things!  I am learning that I can learn and be inspired by others, but simply copying and pasting others techniques into my life is detrimental to my personal progress.  Times of quiet reflection and (painfully) honest discussions with God produce the greatest results in my journey of becoming the greatest Husband, Daddy and pastor that I can be.  God created me with a purpose…I am committed to tenaciously chasing it with all that I am!

“Shhhhhhhh!” (Learning to Hush)

As I continue my adventure into becoming the man and the pastor that God has created me to be, I am learning some tough lessons!  My top 5 strengths are Communication, Woo, Positivity, Activator and Strategic.  This means that I talk a lot and often speak and act before I think!  That is the down side of my top 5.  The upside is that I live life with passion and I love people.  The combination of these things either makes me the greatest motivator or the most offensive person you have ever met.  It all depends on the circumstances.  If I am tired, frustrated, and completely run down (like I have felt the last few weeks) then I become way too honest and speak my opinion very boldly in a way that can be exasperating to people.  Over the coarse of my life I am learning how to just keep my lips zipped in most situations.  “If you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all”.  I am learning how to be less abrasive with my statements, but when I am weak I have temporary relapses into the old Josh that just says it like it is!  Often times the best things we can say is nothing at all.  I am talking to myself today.  Just because I have the right solution or the right answer doesn’t mean that people are ready to hear it.  “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  “Seek to understand, then be understood.”  I have all the right knowledge and cute quotes anyone could ask for, the hard part is living them out.  Thus is the adventure into Awestruck.