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Dragging vs Flying

On our recent trip to Topsail Island we stopped in one of the oversized bargain beach stores.  You know the stores that sell everything from Bikini Girl Beach Towels to lighters shaped like guns?  While browsing we decided it would be fun to fly kites on the beach, a little father son bonding time.  I bought Micah a classic cheapo piece of vinyl with a string attached for only $4.  I, however, was convinced that I needed the more expensive “sport kite” which promised to preform aerial acrobatics with ease!  I couldn’t wait to show off my skills.

Once both kites were assembled and ready for action we headed out on the sand.  Micah’s simple, classic kite went up with ease and maintained a great flight pattern for long periods of time.  Mine, well…not so much!  I spent the good portion of an hour attempting to get it air born only to watch my efforts (and my mood) crash and burn into the beach sand.  I ended up dragging my kite instead of flying it.

What I learned was to stick with what you know if you want to fly.  As a leader I am learning very important lessons about who I am, and more importantly who I am NOT.  We often get swindled by the fancy packaging and promotion that alters our view of “success”.  This leads to us dragging instead of flying.  Be you, don’t try to get in over your head.  I am learning my identity as a pastor and it is helping me to put people around me that are talented in the areas I am weak.  I want to constantly grow and learn as a leader, but I will always be me.  If the leader doesn’t know themselves it leads to the church/organization dragging as well.  What good does it do to obtain all the fancy and impressive ways if all you do is drag them around?  You were meant to fly high and achieve great things, but only when you work within the parameters of who God created you to be.  Are you a leader that Flies or are you just dragging around?