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“Looking for Love” (Week 1 Sermon)

“All we need is Love, all we need is love”  This could be true?  What if we could all discover true love and learn to love others truely…the world would be a different place.  In order to find love then we must define exactly what we are looking for.  Google searches confused me and quotes from “experts” didn’t help either.  In the Bible we find the parameters of true love and also the perfect example of true, beautiful, passionate love.

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“Living the Dream” (Week 4 Sermon)

All Human life is Valuable to God!  Many scriptures expose how God is involved and invested even from conception.  We are perfectly and uniquely made to accomplish the plans that God set out for us.  The origin of our dreams is found in God because we have been set apart and specifically called from the womb.  What an amazing thought to know that God loved us from the beginning and that He believes in us so much that He gave us a purpose and mission in life.  All human life is valuable to God, and is Vital to His plan.

What are you doing with you life?  Have you ever stopped to ask God “what do you want me to do with my days on earth?”.  Are you living out the plan that you have been equipped for?

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“Living the Dream” (Week 3 Sermon)

Everything we see and perceive is filtered through our physical world.  When we read a verse like John 10:10 that promises God will give us life to the fullest, abundantly, beyond our wildest dreams…it’s hard to not equate that promise to our physical wants and needs.  The reality of that verse is that Jesus was saying that he wants to give us true life and even that you don’t start living until you begin living for Him.  To associate this promise with possessions and health is to trivialize all that God wants to do in and through you.  Life more abundant, to the ful, beyond our dreams is all about living life with NOTHING…nothing more important than Jesus in you life.  It’s not about God taking what you have and enhancing it, It’s all about discovering all that God has in store for you.

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“Living the Dream” (Week 2 Sermon)

In scripture we find that Living the dream and having the “Good Life” is only found by living in God, through Jesus.  It is a life of service and commitment to celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross.  God has a specific plan for each of us to walk out.  Living the Dream is a result of crushing our dreams and living out the life that God promises to go beyond our wildest dreams.

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“Living the Dream” (Week 1 Sermon)

We all know someone that is living the dream.  As americans we long to live out our dream life and achieve a certain status.  I believe that each one of us has the potential for greatness inside of us!  Here’s the catch…that potential is only found in living out the purpose and dream that God has placed inside of you.  Each dream is unique and individual.  We must change our measure of “greatness” and success from comparing ourselves to others.  Our only standard should be whether we are living out the life that God has planned for us.  Our source of joy is when we allow God’s plan to grow because of our obedience to Him…that is when we find life that is overflowing and start “living the dream”.

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“Hello My Name is…” (Week 8 Sermon)

One of the last acts of Jesus’ earthly ministry before His crucifixion was to give the disciples a reminder of His sacrifice and love.  He taught them how to remember and respect what He did for us on the cross.  This sermon is all about the last supper of Christ and how we as modern day Christians should honor this act.

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“Hello My Name is…” (Week 7 Sermon)

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“Hello My Name is…” (Week 5 Sermon)

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“Hello My Name is..” (Week 1 Sermon)

Names are important because they identify us and set us apart from the crowd.  Our name gives us identity.  When Moses asked specifically asked God who was sending him to Pharaoh He answered with a powerful promise…I Am.  (Exodus 3)  His promise was that He will be all we ever need for everything we ever face in life.  He promised that He was whatever He needs to be whenever we need Him.  “I Am”!    What an amazing promise and comfort to know that God who created us is also there for us at all times.

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“Fuel” (Week 3 Sermon)

Ephesians 5 paints a beautiful picture of how much God loves His people.  He Wedding Gown Photocompares it to the relationship between Husband and wife.  We the church are a chosen bride for Jesus.  But what have we done with this great romance?  How have we treated His love?  We have become an unfaithful, adulteress spouse to the one who gave His life to be in a relationship with us.  We’ve trampled on his sacrifice.  But here’s the beauty of the picture…God chose and chased us while we were unfit and He continues to love us in spite of our infidelity.  It’s time for the church, followers of Christ, to renew our vows and reclaim our pure garments.  Time to stand on the promise that nothing can stand against His church as long as we stand on the promise and power of Jesus.

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Bonus:  This was read as an intro to my sermon.  Thank you Aubrey and Lindsay for wearing the wedding dresses on stage.

Here comes the Bride, beautifully dressed in white.  Stunningly clothed in her radiant garments that have been designed for this glorious day.  We the church are the bride of Christ.  We have been chosen, chased and courted by our God.  A beautiful romance of sacrifice.  God so desperately longed for this relationship that He willingly gave up what was most valuable and precious to Him…His son.  Christ gave His life so that we, His bride, could know Him intimately and passionately.  And what have we done with this great romance?  How have we treated this breathtaking abandonment?

We have abused, squandered and trampled on His love for us.  We have broken the commitment of our vows.  We have been unfaithful and adulteress to our loyal groom.  Our relationship is stained and decaying because of selfish, lustful, greedy, and lazy efforts.  We have replaced our devotion with apathy.  Substituted true love for temporary pleasure.

Blemished and unworthy, broken and filthy!  Our God remains unwavering in His affection.  He calls out to His Bride with a heart of forgiveness.  No insult is too great, no offense is beyond His grace.  He loves us!  Christ’s blood shed on the cross purifies our sins, and makes up for our insufficiency.  Patiently He waits for us to walk down the aisle.  Passionately He endures until we dress ourselves in snow white garments, and say “I Do”.

Josh Parrish