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Monday Download

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

1.  I say it every year, but this was the greatest Christmas Ever!

2.  We were able to enjoy time with our family and everyone was cheerful.

Poor Elmo!

Poor Elmo!

3.  The kids had one of the biggest Christmas (as far as gifts) they’ve ever had…on a year when Shannon and I had less money than we’ve ever had!  God is so good faithful to provide.

4.  Speaking of gifts…Micah and Ady got a new jeep and almost killed our Elmo Inflatable?

5.  This weekend at Awestruck was one of our better weeks!  God is still blowing our mind with how He shows up EVERY WEEK.

6.  Layden has always been the world’s greatest worship band…and they’re getting better.

7.  Speaking of Layden…those boys flat brought the house down last night at Greene St Club!  It is incredible to me when the best band on stage is the boys representing Jesus Christ.  It was awesome.

8.  Back to Awestruck…we closed out the “Illuminate” series yesterday.  Probably the best teaching series we’ve done.

9.  It never ceases to amaze me that when you focus your teaching on Jesus everything else falls in place.  December was all about Jesus at Awestruck.

10.  Speaking of Jesus…have you watched the Penn Jillette video yet?  Warning:  It will punch most Christians right in the mouth and challenge you. (Watch it Below)

Monday Download

1.  My brain was still on vacation yesterday, so I’m downloading on Tuesday.

img_02182.  Our weekend getaway with my family was incredible!  It is the best way to celebrate Christmas…no gifts, no stress, no hustle and bustle…Just family time.

3.  Micah knocked my dad out 3 times in Wii boxing!


Kite Dragging?

Kite Dragging?

4.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out on the beach this weekend.  I learned a valuable lesson about kites…$4 kites work, $14 kites are a waste of money!


5.  While I was away the Awestruck team stepped up big time and had an awesome Sunday worship experience.

6.  I have heard that Evan flat brought it with his sermon!  

7.  Next Sunday we continue our “Illuminate” series and I can’t wait to get back in the pulpit.  It’s amazing what a week away can do for my energy and passion.

8.  Awestruck will be taking up a special offering to help with some families in need at Eastern Guilford Middle School this Sunday.

img_02539.  I am so excited about our new teaching series coming in January.  More details coming very soon.

10.  My family is getting very antsy about Santa showing up next week.  My kids are at such a fun age right now.

“The Story of the Tree” (Illuminate Week 1)

img_0159This is the sermon from week 1 of the “Illuminate” teaching series at Awestruck Church.  I am a very visual teacher so we had a couple putting up a Christmas tree behind me while I was preaching this sermon and we handed out Glow Sticks.  Feel free to comment on the sermon or better ways for us to bring our messages to the internet world.  Enjoy!


Click HERE to hear “The Story of the Tree”

Monday Download

1.  Everyone at our house now has a runny nose!  It seems that we are just gonna be sick all winter long?

2.  We kicked off our “Illuminate” Series this week at Awestruck Church.  I am so excited about this teaching series.

The Tree3.  Big thanks to Ryan and Lauren for putting up the tree for us this week.

4.  The music at Awestruck is different every week and I love that.  You never know what you are going to get when you show up, but you know it is going to be excellent.

5.  The ladies did a great job making it feel like Christmas at Eastern Guilford Middle School.  I thankful that my wife has a knack for decorating.

6.  Speaking of decorating…Our yard is full of tacky Christmas lights and I love it.  Just call me Griswald!

7.  Speaking of Christmas…This will be one of the most exciting ever at our house.  The kids are the perfect age to be pumped about Santa.

Red Bowl8.  Our first ever partner/discovery class was a huge success on Sunday.

9.  We had 25 folks hanging out at Red Bowl and learning about our church and how they fit in at Awestruck.  Can’t wait to see what God is up to.

img_014510.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend at Topsail Beach with my family.  That is how we do Christmas…no presents, just time together and I love it.

11.  We attended the Pleasant Garden Christmas Parade on Saturday.  I believe it is the best free entertainment on the planet.  For $5 anyone can enter and that makes for some interesting exhibits!

“Illuminate” will Brighten your Christmas?

illumate-picThe month of December we will be shedding a different light on the story of Christmas at Awestruck Church.  I am so pumped about this teaching series as we talk about the purpose of the Birth of Jesus.  It’s not going to be all about a manger, donkeys and wise men, but more importantly why that process was necessary and what does it mean to us in 2008.  We are shining some light on Jesus’ reason for coming to earth…He came to Illuminate!

12/7  “The Story of the Tree”     12/14  “Shine the Light”    

12/21  “Be the Ornament”     12/28  “The Star on Top”