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The first Milestone…

safe-baby-handling14I remember it like it was yesterday!  I can still feel the emotion and anxiety of that night my wife said get up, we are going to the hospital!  I remember all 20 hours of labor…before the C-section.  I will never forget his first poopy diaper!  It was so bizarre looking that we actually called the nurse to make sure he was alright.  I remember bringing my boy home and thinking, “Now what do we do with him?”.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years and now my son has graduated preschool.  This is his first huge milestone in life.  We have many more to come in his life, but last night marked the beginning of a new era for Micah.  He starts “big school” in the fall and if what people tell me is true, he will be graduating before I know it.  I am proud of all he has accomplished up to this point, and looking forward to see the man that he becomes.  It’s just a reflective time for me to ponder if we’ve done everything we could to raise him and provide for him.  Have we prepared him for “big school”?  Only time will tell, but for now we will spend our summer celebrating his graduation.  

I love my kids!  I love being a Daddy and want to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.  Congratulations to Micah!!!


Today is an Important Day

I am sitting in Starbucks (WhooHoo….Double Shot!!!) right now trying to get some work done without the distraction of working from home.  In the process I was distracted, but in a good way.  A young man from my first youth ministry who is now in his mid 20’s came over to talk.  As I sat with him I could not help but wonder where has the time gone?  I remember this goofy young kid when he would follow me around and want to just hang out with me.  I remember when he got his first guitar and I sat with him as he learned his first chords.  I remember how much better than me he was within a few weeks!  Now sitting before me is a young man with his own home and responsibilities.  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday we were hanging out doing goofy youth ministry stuff, and now he is grown and mature.  I am reminded how important each moment we live can be.  I get so busy doing life that I forget to enjoy the moment.  I recently gave some advice to a friend of mine to write down his successes for each day to keep from getting too focused on the future.  Count each day as an important day.  I am now considering taking my own advice.

Unassembled Pieces of History

It is finished!  Done, complete, over, concluded!  Adyson’s crib now sits in pieces in my living room as I type.  There are no more babies in my house that require the safety of a crib….and I am not taking it well.  Her 2 year birthday party was hard, but this has been a gruesome day for me.  As I loosened each bolt I remembered like it was yesterday my excitement of assembling that crib for Micah almost 5 years ago.  It has held a special place in that same room for a long time, and now it is gone.  I remember putting Micah in it for the first time.  I remember putting Ady in there for the first time.  I remember Micah and Ady both (on separate occasions) using those bars to prop themselves up as they were learning to stand on their own.  I even remember getting in there with them a time or two just for fun.  I remember Micah jumping around wildly and screaming.  Having the time of his life, naked.  That is one sturdy crib.  I vividly remember each morning I went in to pick my kids up to the cry of “Dada”.  I also remember when we were trying to get Micah to sleep there all night and he got so upset he vomited all over the room, from the crib.  It has been a place of rest and play.  A pirate ship, a castle and a wrestling ring.  Now all that is left is the memory, because the big girl bed arrives today and we have no more need for a crib.

I believe my temporary sadness will be short lived when Adyson finally sleeps in her own room.  But for now I am just looking at the unassembled pieces of history and reflecting on how much I love my kids.  It is good to do that sometimes.

Daddy’s Princess is Growing Up!

My little Adyson turns two on Easter Sunday.  I have to tell you that it has been a hard week for me.  Almost as hard as the week I turned 30!  She is my little baby girl and it seems like yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital.  Seems like yesterday she was saying “Dada” for the first time.  Now she is walking around the house bossing us around.  Sweet little sayings have turned into sassy little directions and phrases.  She is definitely her Daddy’s Girl and she knows it.  She has taught me so much.  I have changed as a man in the last 2 years.  She has made me more tender hearted and turned me into a push over.  All she has to do is smile at me and say “pease Daddy”.  How can I resist those big blue eyes?  I love my baby girl!  Daddy’s Princess is growing up.   Just so you know, I cried the whole time I edited this video!  I have become such a softy!!! Check out my YouTube page to watch all of my videos.