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Reflections on Awestruck Church (And a Prayer for our Future)

moveOne thing we can be sure of in life… Things will change! 

Sometimes that is bad, other times that means the situation is improving


In 2005 I had one item on my Christmas list…

It was a big ticket item and I just had to have it … It was a game changer!

4G iPod Nano

It did not take very long for my Life Changing Gift to become outdated…

It doesn’t hold many songs, No Touch Screen, No Candy Crush Saga???

This Nano led to other iPods, iPhones, iPads being in my house

Sometimes when things change it means there is an Upgrade in our life


Awestruck began in October 2007 with a group of 10 sitting in my living room

–In September 2008 we launched at Eastern Middle School

–In August of 2010 we began renovations on the Butler Rd.  property

And this is where we have been for the last 4 & 1/2 years


Since we have been on Butler Rd…

–We have camped out in below freezing weather

–Roasted almost 1000 hot dogs over a big bonfire

–We have hosted 2 Glow in the Dark Egg Hunts…before the sun went down

–We have worked hard together on improvements

–Hosted movie nights

–Served our volunteers breakfast and dinner

–Had some fun small group parties

–Our band has released 3 CD’s… Recorded one in this building

–We hosted a big CD release party right here

–We partnered with “The Patio” at this location

–2 churches became one awesome place for God to do work

–We have formed a great relationship with the Reedy Fork community

–We have celebrated 5 out of 6 of our anniversaries on this property

–We have seen some of our folks move on, but God has added a bunch of new people to our congregation at this property

–We have commissioned 4 people into Christian service and helped launch 5 church plant while in this building

–Tyler was ordained on this stage

–Almost 200 Families in our area have been blessed at Christmas time

–We have watched our children’s ministry become a youth ministry

–Almost 40 children have been dedicated on this stage

–Many people have given their life to Jesus at this property

–21 people have been baptized at this building

God has used this property to do some amazing work and gather some pretty awesome people.

The church is the people of God…Not the building

Over 100 Times in the NT the word Ekklsia is used to describe the Church

This word always means the Assembly or Gathering of people

NEVER the building or house where they met

Awestruck has had 4 Locations in 7 & 1/2 years 

God will move among His people as long as we are following His Plan and Seeking to give Him the Glory.

Here’s the Key to our Future success … We seek to Give Him all the Glory


Let’s look at Some things we need to Guard ourselves from in the Move:

1.  Being distracted by the location and the size

–God Grows a church…No matter where it is located

–Bigger does not always mean better … Especially if Christ is not the focus

2.  Letting the Newness Wear off … 

–Eventually the new location will become just the Location

–When that New building smell begins to fade we need to ask God to Refresh our passion for Gibsonville and the surrounding areas

3.  Thinking that the Church is becoming “Too Big”

–I believe we are going to grow in numbers

–You are going to bring friends and the Town is going to Show up

–As we grow bigger in numbers then you need to grow smaller in our community

–Get involved in a small group so that you can maintain intimate relationships

–Get involved with a serving team so you can work to help us reach more people

I Believe this with all my heart … We are moving forward in God’s timing and according to His Purpose for Awestruck

After 2 Frustrating years of waiting to hear clearly from God

He has answered our prayers about the location of our Gatherings

God has Clarified the Vision of our church so we can all move forward under the Heading of “Every Single One”  (Truth / Focus / Heart / Hope)

Our church body feels more Unified than ever before in this move…

-We have come together to work and renovate

-We have Unity in our daily prayers for the future of Awestruck


We want to keep our eyes on where God is taking us in the days to come

–Our past will always be a reminder of God’s faithfulness when we seek Him

–Our future is unknown, but We are trusting God to continue to Blow our Minds


This verse has always been our prayer…

It seems even more relevant at this time in our Church’s History

Eph 3 : 19  May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully.  Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. 20  Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 21  Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.

Monday Download

1.  There’s this one couple that always works hard to get talked about on the Download…It’s not always pleasant.  🙂  This week I received one of the most encouraging emails in 10 years of ministry from them!  I am proud of you guys and proud of Awestruck church for being a place that God is doing huge things.

2.  My family joined me on stage yesterday and of course my kids stole the show!  That’s why I sent them back to the nursery very quickly.

3.  Me and Micah had matching shirts and they were sweet!  Adyson sang an impromptu version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Well….for her it was “Tinkle, Tinkle ittle start)

4.  In the middle of my message I had an interview with my wife and Heather Blackerby about the frustrations and fear of following God’s big plans for your life.

5.  I have decided to step down and let them preach every week b/c they did so good!

6.  Awestruck will be partnering with Starbucks on Huffman Mill Rd to help get James off the Bus next weekend!  Bring canned goods to church or just drop it off at Starbucks.  

7.  We are also working with Wendover Hills Weslyan Church on Nov 23 @ 7pm for a huge concert and the cost of admission is supplies for our local area Homeless population.  (more details soon)

8.  The first member/partner/discovery (we don’t know what to call it yet?) is December the 7th right after service and I am pumped about getting it going

9.  The first event of the “Bring the Hope” Tour was incredible.  Layden, Banister, and Evan brought it and Josh Stegenga did a great job planning and speaking at the event.  I’m so proud of those guys.

10.  Yesterday might have been the greatest service in our short history as a church.  Tons of new visitors and a great spirit in the place.  Technically, everything went great and our stage is almost like we want it.  I love being the pastor of Awestruck.

Monday Download

1.  Sunday’s service at Awestruck was incredible!  The new stage set up looked great and we finally got to use our new plasma monitors.  Big thanks to Pleasant Garden Baptist church for letting us borrow their projector for the first 5 weeks.

2.  I was at the Catalyst Conference last week and got blown away by all the great teaching and worship.  I really want one of those big circular screen things they had on stage!

3.  We really missed having EJ and the team from Bridge Pointe this week.  Those guys are going to do amazing things with their new church.

4.  My little princess is sick today and I have been hanging out with her.  She is finally taking a nap.

5.  I will be speaking at the BCF at UNCG tomorrow night…I’m pumped!

6.  Steggy is really pumped about that too, but not because I am speaking?

7.  Micah (my 5 year old) has started turning our own words against us.  Every time we make a decision for him that he doesn’t like he says, “That was not a good choice”.

8.  We might have found our place to hold the first Awestruck “member/partner class” in November.  That is a good thing.

9.  6 weeks into being the pastor of Awestruck, I love doing what I do more everyday!  God is doing huge stuff every week and I am just along for the ride.

Monday Download

1.  Last week was great because I could focus on my message and not running around to get all the stuff we needed to start Awestruck Church.  Less trips to Lowes and Walmart equals more study time.

2.  Nate Gray has the coolest Mohawk I have ever seen.

3.  My family was gone to the beach all last week and I have to admit it was one of the best vacations I have ever had without leaving my house.

4.  Yesterday’s service set a whole new standard for how we do church.  It was the kind of service that I hoped to have by our second month.  I never expected it to happen on our second week.

5.  God’s timing and placement is a great thing to watch in action.  It is beautiful when He uses our preparation and fits it together perfectly with His purpose for people’s lives.

6.  We had about 15 new folks show up for church yesterday and way more return than I expected.  I think the number of people will grow every week because people are excited about what God is up to at Awestruck!

7.  Layden is still the greatest band on the planet and they get better each week.  Evan produces better videos on free software than some do on expensive software.  Our team Rocks!

8.  2 services and 8 days into this deal…I am loving being the pastor of Awestruck Church more each new day.  I can’t believe I get to do this for a living.

9.  If you live in Eastern Guilford County and have not experienced Awestruck Church live, what are you waiting for?  Bring 20 friends and hang out with us next weekend!

10.  My blog hits went through the roof…I had as many reads last week than I got in the last 3 weeks combined.  Thanks for the love and welcome to my new readers.

I am letting the Cat out of the Bag!

I can’t wait any longer!  Everyone seems to have one question on their mind these days and I have the answer.  It would be wrong for me to postpone this announcement one more minute.  We have submitted all the paper work, completed all the details and soon to make final payment; so it is now time to reveal the location for Awestruck’s Sunday morning service.  We will be meeting at…Drum Roll Please… Eastern Guilford Middle School!  Assuming no major catastrophe occurs between now and September 7th, Eastern Middle will be filled with all the energy, passion and excitement that is Awestruck!  After all the rejection and frustration of finding a home for our church, God has provided us with the perfect location.  Just wait until you see this place!  I believe it is the greatest location for a mobile church that I have ever seen.

Tell all your friends, fill up your car with people you don’t know, and come hang out with us on 9/7 for the inaugural service of Awestruck Church.  We start @ 10 am with Coffee and time to hang out.  Layden will kick things off around 10:15 with some of the best worship available anywhere on a Sunday Morning!  340 days of prayer and planning have all led to this moment.  I hope that you will join us.

I think I Might Throw Up?

This blog is about honesty!  Me giving the world a glimpse into my life as a husband, father and church planter.  I love to write about how incredible the church and the team are.  I would rather tell the world of our long term goals of seeing thousands reached by the love of Jesus than expose my inner most thoughts and fears.  However, if I am really honest about how I feel right now with only 18 days until Awestruck becomes official…I am feeling uneasy.  My stomach has been in knots, my mind is moving faster than my body can process, and I am an emotional mess at times!  It is not easy for someone like me, that likes to make plans and stick to them, to continually walk by faith with nothing more than a promise to hold onto.  I get anxious about everything going right on our first week.  I wonder if anyone other than my family will even show up?  That being said, every time I have felt this way along our adventure of planting Awestruck, God has shown up and done some insane things.  I have posted many blogs about what God is doing through my weakness.  We are at a place right now of not being able to afford all that we want.  We don’t have all the resources we hoped to have by this point?  BUT, we have most of what we need to get started.  Perhaps the greatest thing about not starting with all the stuff we wanted is how it continually forces us be more dependent on God.  It is bringing out the creativity of our leadership team to make much out of little!  Money and resources have come from some surprising places.  People have stepped and given to support what God is doing through Awestruck.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Eastern Guilford County!

Leaking out my Ears…

My mind is full right now!  I don’t know that my brain could handle one more piece of info or responsibility.  We are 20 days from the start of our new church!  Awestruck becomes official in 3 weeks!  Officially what, we aren’t sure, but we will officially be something very soon.  In my true fashion, I have waited till the last minute for a ton of stuff that has to get done.  I am thankful for the team around me that is stepping up to the plate and making big stuff happen!  We have, or will be getting most of what we need very soon.  Just a few more details to nail down with our location and we will let everyone know where we are meeting.  That is one of the unique pieces of our puzzle that God is putting together.  Most people find a place to meet and then plan around it.  We just kept on planning until we found a place to meet?  God has provided a perfect place only minutes off of Highway 85.  It is right in the middle of Eastern Guilford county.  It might be a school?  (Those are all hints, but I don’t want to give the name until it is official)  

I am pumped about every aspect of Awestruck!  Our children’s area is going to be insane.  The crew has worked so hard and Aubrey is going to do a great job leading.  Nate has welded me a custom podium to preach from!  Are you kidding me?  I have a one of kind podium that all pastors will be jealous of.  Steggy is getting our connections stuff together.  The ideas and creativity are flowing right now.  We truly are taking an adventurous approach to starting this church and having a blast doing it!  I will fill in more details over the next few days.