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I am letting the Cat out of the Bag!

I can’t wait any longer!  Everyone seems to have one question on their mind these days and I have the answer.  It would be wrong for me to postpone this announcement one more minute.  We have submitted all the paper work, completed all the details and soon to make final payment; so it is now time to reveal the location for Awestruck’s Sunday morning service.  We will be meeting at…Drum Roll Please… Eastern Guilford Middle School!  Assuming no major catastrophe occurs between now and September 7th, Eastern Middle will be filled with all the energy, passion and excitement that is Awestruck!  After all the rejection and frustration of finding a home for our church, God has provided us with the perfect location.  Just wait until you see this place!  I believe it is the greatest location for a mobile church that I have ever seen.

Tell all your friends, fill up your car with people you don’t know, and come hang out with us on 9/7 for the inaugural service of Awestruck Church.  We start @ 10 am with Coffee and time to hang out.  Layden will kick things off around 10:15 with some of the best worship available anywhere on a Sunday Morning!  340 days of prayer and planning have all led to this moment.  I hope that you will join us.


I think I Might Throw Up?

This blog is about honesty!  Me giving the world a glimpse into my life as a husband, father and church planter.  I love to write about how incredible the church and the team are.  I would rather tell the world of our long term goals of seeing thousands reached by the love of Jesus than expose my inner most thoughts and fears.  However, if I am really honest about how I feel right now with only 18 days until Awestruck becomes official…I am feeling uneasy.  My stomach has been in knots, my mind is moving faster than my body can process, and I am an emotional mess at times!  It is not easy for someone like me, that likes to make plans and stick to them, to continually walk by faith with nothing more than a promise to hold onto.  I get anxious about everything going right on our first week.  I wonder if anyone other than my family will even show up?  That being said, every time I have felt this way along our adventure of planting Awestruck, God has shown up and done some insane things.  I have posted many blogs about what God is doing through my weakness.  We are at a place right now of not being able to afford all that we want.  We don’t have all the resources we hoped to have by this point?  BUT, we have most of what we need to get started.  Perhaps the greatest thing about not starting with all the stuff we wanted is how it continually forces us be more dependent on God.  It is bringing out the creativity of our leadership team to make much out of little!  Money and resources have come from some surprising places.  People have stepped and given to support what God is doing through Awestruck.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Eastern Guilford County!

Leaking out my Ears…

My mind is full right now!  I don’t know that my brain could handle one more piece of info or responsibility.  We are 20 days from the start of our new church!  Awestruck becomes official in 3 weeks!  Officially what, we aren’t sure, but we will officially be something very soon.  In my true fashion, I have waited till the last minute for a ton of stuff that has to get done.  I am thankful for the team around me that is stepping up to the plate and making big stuff happen!  We have, or will be getting most of what we need very soon.  Just a few more details to nail down with our location and we will let everyone know where we are meeting.  That is one of the unique pieces of our puzzle that God is putting together.  Most people find a place to meet and then plan around it.  We just kept on planning until we found a place to meet?  God has provided a perfect place only minutes off of Highway 85.  It is right in the middle of Eastern Guilford county.  It might be a school?  (Those are all hints, but I don’t want to give the name until it is official)  

I am pumped about every aspect of Awestruck!  Our children’s area is going to be insane.  The crew has worked so hard and Aubrey is going to do a great job leading.  Nate has welded me a custom podium to preach from!  Are you kidding me?  I have a one of kind podium that all pastors will be jealous of.  Steggy is getting our connections stuff together.  The ideas and creativity are flowing right now.  We truly are taking an adventurous approach to starting this church and having a blast doing it!  I will fill in more details over the next few days.

Are you Awestruck?

This video takes a look into the vision and purpose of Awestruck Church.  Is there anything in your life that amazes you?  Are you searching for meaning and wonder in your daily life?  Are you Awestruck?

You can see all the Awestruck video’s on our Youtube Channel.

Awestruck Podcasto #2!

This is the latest installment of the Awestruck Podcasto featuring Steggy from HSTOS.  You can check out more Awestruck videos at  Thanks for watching!

A place to call home?

This has been a really busy week!  Evan and I are driving to YFC camp every night and having a blast with those kids.  They have so much energy.  Steggy and Micah tagged along tonight.  Tomorrow is the last night for us and I am going to miss it.  The Awestruck lead team met tonight and once again I was blown away.  I say that every week, but I am truly blown away every week!  The urgency of our first service has really kicked everyone into overdrive.  Rock Band is really bringing us together as a team…haha.  I am still shocked and humbled that God selected me to start this new church and that others have followed.  Awestruck is going to be incredible.  

We are waiting on some big news about a location in the next few days.  We might finally have a place to meet.  That has been my biggest concern since no doors have opened in that area.  I have constantly said that we have everything we need, but nowhere to put it.  We might actually have a place to call home by the end of the week.  Be praying!

Pirates and Transformers

We had another great meeting tonight with the Awestruck Leadership team.  I love hanging out with that crew!  Tonight got me pumped up because they are so full of excitement for what is getting ready to happen in September.  So many good ideas and so little time to make it happen.  I am honored and humbled to lead the team on this adventure.  Who wouldn’t be proud of this group: