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B.A.N.G. Children’s Area

Here’s some pics of what our kids areas look like in the B.A.N.G. ministry.  (Building a New Generation)


Check In

Check In


B.O.M.B. Squad (Elementary)

B.O.M.B. Squad (Elementary)






Firecrackers (Pre K)

Firecrackers (Pre K)


Firecraker's Room


Monday Download

1.  Yesterday was an incredible day at Awestruck!  We had tons of folks show up and more new people.

2.  Nothing gets me more excited than seeing our people bring friends with them…well, except when people decide to start a relationship with Jesus Christ!  

3.  It was really cool to have Brandon and Tanah lead our music w/ Layden yesterday…And Big Thanks to Brandon (B-Real) from Mercy Mercedes for playing lead guitar.

4.  Everyone in my house is finally feeling much better, but we can’t get rid of this silly cough.  Sounds like a smoker’s convention at my house every morning when we all wake up?

Daddy's Boots

Daddy's Boots

5.  Our kids are always doing funny/cute things, but this made us laugh Saturday Night.

6.  I am so proud of our folks for stepping up and “Pouring Out” over the last two weeks!  We donated tons of cans last week and really came through for donations for the Street Watch Team last night.

7.  Speaking of Street Watch…Last night’s “Move. Now.” concert was a great success!  Great music and so many supplies were given to benefit the local homeless.

8.  HOWEVER…what was donated doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the real need in Guilford County.  You should check out THIS WEBSITE to see how you can help!

9.  I just gave 3 links to one Website….That must mean I think you should check it out?

Micah's Lip10.  Erica and Joe became my favorite couple of the year by buying me 4 boxes of Christmas Tree Cakes

11.  Micah got his first busted lip at school this week, but he was tough and has recuperated now.

12.  Due to sickness we postponed “The Challenge” at our house…that resumes this week!  🙂

Monday Download

1.  Yesterday was all about the Benjamin’s!  Our sermon on money was actually Fun…still a touchy subject when you talk about peoples finance?

2.  To lighten things up I came on stage wearing a Gold hat w/ a huge blinging $ and a necklace to match.  It also helped that Evan played Puff Daddy’s “It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby”

3.  Layden did an acoustic set with just Guitar and a Djembe drum.   It was incredible.

4.  Speaking of Layden, They are playing a huge show Friday night at Greene St Club in Greensboro!  

5.  Also, they will be playing Sunday night at the “MOVE NOW” concert at Wendover Hills Wesleyan.  (New blog with more info soon)

6.  We collected a ton of cans to help get James off the bus.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

7.  Day 1 of “The Challenge” went well at our house?  🙂

8.  Last week the NC Baptist State convention was in town and it consumed my week.  I am not a fan of useless politics, so I did not enjoy my time at the convention very much.

9.  I did however have a blast at a dinner for church planters on Tuesday sponsored by them!  (Thanks)

10.  No one Got a speeding ticket on the way to church this week!  That is a vast improvement from the last week.

11.  You know that one couple that wants to make the blog every week?  They bought us dinner Saturday night… bribery gets you everywhere.  Thanks guys.

12.  Erica and Joe hooked me up with a box of Christmas Tree Cakes!  They became my favorite couple of the week!  🙂  

13.  Me and Steggy starting training for a triathlon next July.  Our first swim was not pretty at all!  More updates to come.

I love being the pastor of Awestruck Church!!!

CAN I help? Sure you CAN!


Help Fill the Bus

Help Fill the Bus

Next weekend Awestruck Church is partnering with Starbucks on Huffman Mill Rd to fill up a school bus with canned foods.  All donations will benefit a local homeless shelter.  You can bring your cans to serivice on Sunday morning or just drop them off at Starbucks.  While you are there you can pick up your favorite drink!  Might I suggest a Large (I can’t remember their fancy word for large) Latte with an extra shot, sweetened with 1/2 Cinnamon and 1/2 Vanilla OR 1/2 Pumpkin Spice and 1/2 White Mocha?  They are both incredible.  (Side Note:  Don’t spend more on your coffee than you do on your canned goods.  That might defeat the purpose?)  Thanks for doing your part to pour out and help these folks.  See the video for more details!


The Overflow

We often think that we have to hold on to all that we have and get more for an overflow to occur.  The next four weeks at Awestruck Church are all about how God has chosen for us to pour out in order to live in His overflow.  When God pours into us then the overflow trickles down into our family, time, priorities, finances, and every aspect of our life.  When we live in the Overflow it also has filling affect on everyone around us.  The overflow is what happens when we pour out!

Monday Download

1.  North Carolina weather never ceases to amaze me!  Last week we were in shorts sweating, this week coats and scraping ice off windshields?

2.  I am going to the beach with the most stunning, intelligent, caring woman on the planet this coming weekend.  This vacation is far overdue.

3.  Yesterday at Awestruck was one of those weird days I knew was coming, but didn’t know when.  You can read below why Weird=Great.

4.  Layden has released a sneak preview of their music.  Listen to it HERE

5.  My kids are really pumped about getting to stay with Nana and Grandaddy Bud this weekend.  They’ve already told us that they will not miss us!?

6.  Awestruck Church is 7 weeks old…it does not seem like it has already been 7 weeks.  I am still amazed every week how God is flowing in Eastern Guilford Middle School.

7.  Did I mention I have a really hot date for the Beach this weekend?

8.  My friend Evan has put his CD back up for sale on his website.  I would recommend you buying it!

9.  I am excited about Steggy sharing his story on Sunday morning at Awestruck.  It might be one of the best weeks we’ve had, and I am not gonna be there.  Proud of the team stepping up to the plate and giving me and Shannon a week off.  (Did I mention how much we need it?)

10.  As much as I love being the pastor of Awestruck Church, I also love romantic get aways with my Queen and I cannot wait to get out of town.  (Didn’t know if I had made that clear yet?)  🙂

Weird Day=Good Day

As a new church you never know what to expect from week to week!  Today was our 7th official service as a church.  We’ve been having around 70 adults each week, even though it seems to never be the same people from week to week.  I knew that some of our most faithful folks were gone this week and our attendance would be down a bit.  Some are gambling away their tithe money in Vegas, some on vacation, some working, and it is Fall break at UNCG.  I did not expect so many of our faithful to not show up!  Here’s the cool part…we had a bunch of new people this week.  Also, there were people from our 1st service, that I figured we had run off permanently, come back for a second visit.  And there were people back this week that visited last week, and that is always exciting.  

It was a great day at Awestruck.  Very different from our normal, energetic service.  It seemed rather somber, but the good kind of somber that had the sense God was speaking deep healing into people’s hearts.  We fear intimacy because we are scared people won’t love us once they get to know the “Real Us”.  It was all about getting honest with ourselves and knowing who we are because of Whose we are.  Powerful, life changing stuff!  God was doing huge things and reminding people of just how much value they possess!  I love doing what I do as the pastor of Awestruck.

Monday Download

1.  Sunday’s service at Awestruck was incredible!  The new stage set up looked great and we finally got to use our new plasma monitors.  Big thanks to Pleasant Garden Baptist church for letting us borrow their projector for the first 5 weeks.

2.  I was at the Catalyst Conference last week and got blown away by all the great teaching and worship.  I really want one of those big circular screen things they had on stage!

3.  We really missed having EJ and the team from Bridge Pointe this week.  Those guys are going to do amazing things with their new church.

4.  My little princess is sick today and I have been hanging out with her.  She is finally taking a nap.

5.  I will be speaking at the BCF at UNCG tomorrow night…I’m pumped!

6.  Steggy is really pumped about that too, but not because I am speaking?

7.  Micah (my 5 year old) has started turning our own words against us.  Every time we make a decision for him that he doesn’t like he says, “That was not a good choice”.

8.  We might have found our place to hold the first Awestruck “member/partner class” in November.  That is a good thing.

9.  6 weeks into being the pastor of Awestruck, I love doing what I do more everyday!  God is doing huge stuff every week and I am just along for the ride.

Pics of our New Stage Design

Today we finally got to use our new 50 inch plasmas and made some changes to our back drop to clean up our act.  I know that appearance is not everything, but it sure was nice to have room for the band on the stage.  Gone is the projector in the middle of the stage taking up all the room!  (Finally)  You can see the changes compared to THESE PICS taken on our first Sunday.  I just love how Steggy’s outfit matched the Background?

Holly and Tyler were snuggling!

Holly and Tyler were snuggling!

Monday Download

1.  I used the potty at a Gas Station that had a Table Leg as a key chain!

2.  Shannon and I spent the weekend @ Hyco Lake and it was a refreshing Get Away

3.  In the middle of our retreat I did one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever been part of.  (Congrats to Chris and Kasey!)

4.  My kids were at the beach all last week, and me and Shannon stayed out way too late every night.  I am trying to recuperate now.

5.  We almost got attacked by one of the largest birds I have ever seen while driving on Friday.  I thought it was going to pick up the Honda and fly away?

6.  Sunday morning at Awestruck was another incredible day!  Lots of first time visitors and God doing big stuff in people’s lives.

7.  We were missing 5 of our set up/tear down team, but thanks to Joe and Erica, we got it done!  Holly came through and handled the presentation and sound.  Encouraging to have folks step up to the plate.

8.  Week 2 of “Phobos” is going to be huge…I can’t wait!  Should actually be able to use our new stage set up this week?

9.  Shannon hooked it up with Pizza Dogs last night for dinner.  That is what we are going to eat in Heaven.

10.  The Cubs have once again proven to me that God has a sense of humor.  I still believe!?