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Micah’s First Camp Out

On 1/1/10 my six year old decided we should camp out in the 20 degree weather!  It was his first official overnight camp out in a tent and we had a blast.  He is hooked and even said that he’s ready to go to the Grand Canyon with me.  🙂

This is a short video of our experience complete with some commentary from Micah about out set up and cooking.  Enjoy.

Constant state of Reflection and Learning…

magnifying glassI have taken a small break from blogging lately to reflect and analyze many aspects of my life.  I am a husband, a Daddy, and a pastor of a new church.  Each one of these responsibilities brings it’s own set of responsibilities and challenges.  I’ll spare you (and me) the details of how tough I’ve realized it must be to be married to me.  My wife is my greatest supporter and cheerleader…and I have realized how much more of my time and love she needs.  My kids are growing up faster than I want them too!  I have not figured out how to slow down time…so I have been pondering ways to enjoy each day and be the best dad I can be.  

As far as being a church planter/pastor/creative paradox for Awestruck Church is concerned, I am discovering how much I have to learn!  Our church is 9 months old and every week is a learning experience.  I am learning the balance between entertainment and engagement.  I am learning the difference b/n what I want and what God wants.  (His way always works out better by the way)  I am learning the difference b/n being a “boss” and being a leader.  I am learning how to lead within my strengths and surround myself with people that pick up the slack of my weaknesses.  

As a leader (in any area of work or business) it is crucial that we constantly evaluate who we are and how we can improve.  Reading books, blogs, and going to conferences are great things!  I am learning that I can learn and be inspired by others, but simply copying and pasting others techniques into my life is detrimental to my personal progress.  Times of quiet reflection and (painfully) honest discussions with God produce the greatest results in my journey of becoming the greatest Husband, Daddy and pastor that I can be.  God created me with a purpose…I am committed to tenaciously chasing it with all that I am!

The first Milestone…

safe-baby-handling14I remember it like it was yesterday!  I can still feel the emotion and anxiety of that night my wife said get up, we are going to the hospital!  I remember all 20 hours of labor…before the C-section.  I will never forget his first poopy diaper!  It was so bizarre looking that we actually called the nurse to make sure he was alright.  I remember bringing my boy home and thinking, “Now what do we do with him?”.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years and now my son has graduated preschool.  This is his first huge milestone in life.  We have many more to come in his life, but last night marked the beginning of a new era for Micah.  He starts “big school” in the fall and if what people tell me is true, he will be graduating before I know it.  I am proud of all he has accomplished up to this point, and looking forward to see the man that he becomes.  It’s just a reflective time for me to ponder if we’ve done everything we could to raise him and provide for him.  Have we prepared him for “big school”?  Only time will tell, but for now we will spend our summer celebrating his graduation.  

I love my kids!  I love being a Daddy and want to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.  Congratulations to Micah!!!

Snow Day Adventure

Last Friday (11/21) we got just enough snow to get us excited.  This was filmed about 7am!  I just had to wake the kids up and let them play b/c I knew it was going to melt pretty quick.  Enjoy.


What did you do on your snowy day?

I let my kids get a tattoo!

This is precisely the kind of thing that reminds my wife that at times she is raising 3 youngins?  I am supposed to be getting a bunch of stuff done while watching the kids, BUT apparently that has not happened today.  Micah has 18 temporary tattoos on his right arm and Adyson has 4.  That was just not enough, so we broke out the washable markers and gave each other some big back artwork.  I love being a dad, especially on days like this!

***Dads: Do you ever have these moments? ***

Who was in charge here?

Who was in charge here?

"Mom is gonna freak out, huh?" (Micah)

18 Tattoos on one arm!  Thug Life on his stomach?

18 Tattoos on one arm! Thug Life on his stomach?

Micah’s Birthday Week

This has been Micah’s birthday week and we have been celebrating his glorious achievement of surviving 5 long years.  His birthday is not until 9/22, but we decided that we would do special events the week leading up to his big day.  He was pumped to go hear his favorite band Layden on the main stage of the Greensboro Carnival Thursday night.  He thought it was very cool that had set up all those rides and games for the Layden concert.  His party was last night and he proved his rock star status.  Tons of people were there as we pulled up and he chose to run around the back side and sneak up on everyone.  It was a “Knight in shining armor” party complete with princesses and valiant knights.  (I’ll post pictures soon)  He got to choose what we did yesterday and he wanted wings and a playground.  I took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings and then we proceeded to play!  Everything was great until a big group of Home Schoolers (too big and too old to play on a playground) showed up.   They took over the playground and almost stepped on Adyson twice…Daddy was not happy and I am not sure I represented Christ very well after the second time?  Oh well, they definitely heard me and got the point.  🙂  Today is skatepark day so I will be very sore when I preach in the morning.  This has been a great week, inspite of the home schoolers.

I Don’t do Yoga!

Last Christmas my wife surprised me, I mean my kids, with a Wii and we have been loving that thing.  I am not a typical video game guy.  Until we got the Wii, I had not had a video game system since the 6th grade when we got our first Nintendo.  We never played anything but Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on that deal!  I just don’t get into playing games inside, but I love the Wii.  What I love is that my kids can play along with me and I can “knock them out” in boxing without anyone calling DSS on me.  On Sunday night we finally obtained the new Wii Fit!  It was almost harder to find than the Wii itself.  My wife showed the same excitement that I did when we found Rock Band a couple of months back.  I have to tell you that I am loving the Wii Fit games.  They are not as exciting as Madden ’09 for most hardcore gamers, but for me it is exactly what I like.  Very cool stuff like skiing and hula hooping.  (Don’t laugh, that hula hooping will whoop your tail!)  Last night Shannon convinced me to try some of the Yoga on there.  Yoga?  I am 230 pounds, I don’t do Yoga!  I am a manly man that lifts weights.  I finally gave in and the entire family participated.  It was one of the funniest sites ever in the Parrish house as me and the kids attempted different poses.  They say laughing burns calories, so that might have been the only health benefit to that session.  We voted and Adyson and Micah are definitely better than I will ever be at doing Yoga, but it was a blast.

Here is a video of our first few days with the Wii.  Enjoy.