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The Hardest Part….

is getting to know yourself and making yourself vulnerable in front of a room of “acquaintances”.  People who don’t seem to have any weaknesses?  It is not easy to admit that I am not “perfect”.  Deep down I know that they don’t expect perfection, but I still hold strong reservations about filleting my innermost doubts to the room.  The fact: It is a necessity to become more aware of who I truly am.  Only as I grow in my awareness of who I am and who I am not will I further myself as a man.  As I grow in my understanding of my strengths and weakness then I can be a better husband, father, friend, mentor and Pastor.  As I sat in that room of Pastors today, I realized that we might have the hardest time admitting our downfalls in life.  Our churches look to us for guidance and leadership.  In the midst of that we forget that the most precious gift we can give them is Honesty.  I must be honest about my struggles and failures.  After all, I am merely a wretch saved by God’s grace.  I am as undeserving as anyone else, but He called me to Pastor a church.  It is in my weakness that He is made strong.  It is in my honesty that the people God has called me to lead will understand that grace and forgiveness are real.  

This is what I have taken away from my first day of Gallup Certification for Strengths Coaching.  The odd thing is that we never discussed any of this!  It was an internal struggle all day long as we worked through each exercise.  The more we talked about helping others through their strengths, the more I thought of my own struggles.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for tomorrow!

If they don’t run to the pitcher’s mound…

micah-playing-ball.jpgTonight was the first practice of Micah’s tee ball season.  If you have never attended a tee ball game with 3-5 year olds then you don’t know what you are missing.  Half of them run straight to the pitcher’s mound after they hit it.  Makes sense I guess because it is the closest thing to home plate.  Why run all the way down to first?  Little things like using their glove to catch, putting the bat down after you hit, and stepping on the bases are all a new adventure to them.  I love being part of the developmental process for Micah and all the others on his team.  Coaching is so much fun.  The coolest part is I get another Cub’s hat with “Micah’s Dad” embroidered on the back!  That’s right, we are the Cubs.  Are there any other teams in baseball besides the Chicago Cubs?  This should be an interesting few months.