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“Hello My Name is…” (Week 8 Sermon)

One of the last acts of Jesus’ earthly ministry before His crucifixion was to give the disciples a reminder of His sacrifice and love.  He taught them how to remember and respect what He did for us on the cross.  This sermon is all about the last supper of Christ and how we as modern day Christians should honor this act.

Click HERE to listen to “Hello my name is …Jesus” (Part 3)

Decorating our Christmas Tree(s)

This year we have two trees!  Instead of one big tree the kids each got a tree to decorate.  It was Micah’s idea so that Santa would know exactly where to put their gifts when he shows up.  That’s my boy…always thinking of other’s first.  🙂

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Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

1.  I say it every year, but this was the greatest Christmas Ever!

2.  We were able to enjoy time with our family and everyone was cheerful.

Poor Elmo!

Poor Elmo!

3.  The kids had one of the biggest Christmas (as far as gifts) they’ve ever had…on a year when Shannon and I had less money than we’ve ever had!  God is so good faithful to provide.

4.  Speaking of gifts…Micah and Ady got a new jeep and almost killed our Elmo Inflatable?

5.  This weekend at Awestruck was one of our better weeks!  God is still blowing our mind with how He shows up EVERY WEEK.

6.  Layden has always been the world’s greatest worship band…and they’re getting better.

7.  Speaking of Layden…those boys flat brought the house down last night at Greene St Club!  It is incredible to me when the best band on stage is the boys representing Jesus Christ.  It was awesome.

8.  Back to Awestruck…we closed out the “Illuminate” series yesterday.  Probably the best teaching series we’ve done.

9.  It never ceases to amaze me that when you focus your teaching on Jesus everything else falls in place.  December was all about Jesus at Awestruck.

10.  Speaking of Jesus…have you watched the Penn Jillette video yet?  Warning:  It will punch most Christians right in the mouth and challenge you. (Watch it Below)

What I want for Christmas (Part 3)

You!  Well, not actually you reading this.  We often say that Christmas has become too commercial and stressful, but what are we doing about it?  This is supposed to be the time of year to spend with family and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  BUT, most people get so stressed out about whether they bought the right size, color, and brand that they forget to enjoy their family!  Don’t get me wrong, I love to get presents more than anyone, but I am learning that all I want for Christmas is time with people I love.  That is so much greater than anything they could ever buy me!  Can you really say to the people in your life “All I want for Christmas is You”?  What sort of traditions do you need to begin this season to promote more time together and less stress of spending money?

Merry Christmas!

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Joseph1.  Micah was in his first Christmas play last week and he got to play Joseph

2.  None of the kids got sick or fell off the stage, but they did scream out to their parents a lot…and that made it very fun to watch.

Cake Face3.  Adyson really enjoyed talking to Micah while he was on stage, AND the cake afterwards!

4.  Awestruck church had the highest attendance and the largest offering in our short history yesterday!

5.  What is phenomenal about the offering is that every bit of it was designated to go to help out families of students of Eastern Guilford Middle and our people stepped up Big time.

img_03296.  It was good to have Layden back together and rockin out our worship time yesterday.

7.  Brittany added a great new element to our music.

img_03308.  The challenge yesterday was to live our lives in a way that makes Jesus attractive to people around us.   Be the “ornament” that hangs on His tree.

9.  I am soooooooo excited about Santa coming to our house this week!  The kids are too.  🙂

10.  We had a blast hanging out with Shannon’s family in Roanoke Rapids on Friday and Saturday.  Be sure to check out the video below to see the dangerous gift SHE picked out for Micah.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy time with your families!


My wife buys dangerous toys!

I wanted to get Micah a BB Gun, but she said it was too dangerous?  She decided on this as a better option.  I foresee a very unpleasant future for my dog and Adyson!  We are having fun with his new “toy” though.  Enjoy.

FYI…that’s my index finger after I rope the fountain in case you were wondering.  Shannon was worried it looked like a rude gesture?  🙂

What I want for Christmas (Part 2)

I want a Hippo!  That’s right, and I’m gonna name him Charlie.  I sure hope Santa reads my blog?