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“Conversation” (Week 4 Sermon)

day plannerPrayer is not a spiritual gift or something that only special get to do.  Prayer is something that most people find important, but don’t do it enough.  It’s one of those things we should do more often, but we get to busy and bogged down with the tasks of life and forget to stop and spend time with God.

In this message we discuss reasons we don’t pray enough, and some practical steps to get us on track to spend more time in conversation with our God who desires our time and our love.

Click HERE to listen to “A Practical Guide for Prayer”


I’m not Burnt Out…Yet

Shut DownIt seems crazy to be gone for a second weekend just 15 weeks into starting our new church.  It goes against everything I’ve ever learned about church and ministry as a whole.  I’ve always worked in systems that revolved around the Pastor, which meant that if he wasn’t there then things didn’t run as normal.  I have also learned the hard way how negatively that affects the man God calls to lead the church.  

I decided when we started Awestruck Church that I would be gone from church once every 8 weeks.  I also encourage my leadership to do the same thing.  Why you might ask?  To avoid Burn Out!  I plan on doing this for the rest of my life and I feel like I need to put some things in place right now that allow me to stay fresh and excited about being the pastor of Awestruck.  I want the people at Awestruck to hear great teaching from the incredible leaders on our team.  I want them to miss me when I’m gone, but I don’t want the success or failure of our church to weigh on my shoulders!  God has assembled an awesome team of Leaders at our church.  I am so blessed to be able to get away and trust them with the Sunday morning worship experience.  What God is doing in our church is so much bigger than I am capable of doing on my own.  Why should I be so prideful to think if I’m not there then He can’t work?  I am a pastor learning what it means to break away from the business of God and rest in His presence.

What a Great Week!

This has been an incredible week for me.  I am tired, but rejuvenated at the same time.  I led worship in 3 different places in two days last weekend.  Shannon shopped me to death at Myrtle Beach Monday through Wednesday.  Wednesday night we had an incredible meeting with our team.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night I was honored to lead worship at the Unveil revival.  Today I preached my heart out at Rocky Knoll.  I did good today getting everybody ready and getting there on time while Shannon was at work.  I have been busy, but I have loved every minute of it.  Especially the part where Duke lost to Clemson!   Today I spoke on the fact that we as Christians have lost the ability to stand in Awe of God.  It might just be one of the best messages I have ever preached!  The church received it well and it was not an easy word to digest.  It was strong!  It was good to see some folks from Clifton Road that came to hear me.  That was very cool.  My team was there to support me.  I love those guys.  Ok, I am done with the update for now.  Only 5 minutes left until Carolina wins the ACC Tourney, so I am going to watch the game and then I am taking a nap!