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Did I just Read what I thought I Read?

Last night I took my wife on a date.  It was the first time in a while that we went off with no kids to a place where it seemed no kids were allowed!  It was so incredible.  So much more romantic than McDonalds and Chuck E. Cheese.  Well, Chuck E. Cheese does have live music, and that is sort of romantic?  Anyway, on or trip to and from the restaurant I began reading the signs in front of churches.  What are these people thinking?!?!  I never pay much attention to these signs, but last night I slowed down in front of each one.  (We live in NC, there are a ton of churches!)  I was baffled and slightly angered by the nonsense that people had put on these things.  Do churches really think that a great way to bring new people to their service is to place useless statements out front?  I ask again, what are these people thinking?!?!  Some made no sense and others were just down right ignorant.  One church had “Let him without sin cast the first stone” on their sign.  Is this how they expect to show the love of Jesus to an unchurched, unconvinced world?  I threatened to my wife to go visit Sunday and just sit on the front row with a big rock.  Just sit there and stare psycopathically at the preacher while he delivers the sermon?  🙂  I will not even get started on the super cheesy sayings that we read.  We laughed quite a bit on our car ride, but the more I think about it the more disturbing it is to me.  No wonder my generation is the most unchurched in American history.  Signs like that could scare them away before they pull in the parking lot!

What is the wackiest saying you have ever read on a Church Sign?  

I would love to hear them in my comments.

Can I ask you a few Questions?

This morning I did a phone interview with Greg Penna from the NAMB.  He is with the resource development for the church planting group.  It was good for me to answer some questions about Awestruck.  Questions like who are we trying to reach, how are we going to do it, and what our church is going to look like.  Hopefully, he is going to use the interview in an article sent out to a ton of different churches.  The goal is to explain and promote new church plants.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Awestruck is getting our name on the map and we haven’t even started. I shared with Greg that Awestruck is all about genuine relationships.  I believe that if the people we are going to reach wanted to go to church, they would already be going.  Our goal is to engage our community so we can reach our community.  Not in a false way just to get them to come, but truly build relationships with people.  Jesus was all about people!  Awestruck will be all about people!  We don’t need to make church so complicated.  Our goal is to show how Jesus fits and completes our daily life by teaching it and showing it by the way we live.  Awestruck is more than a church, it is a genuine community encountering Christ.  I really believe that living for Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime.  Awestruck exists to help people along that Journey.