No longer M.I.A.

1.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog.  It’s actually been a long time since I’ve even looked at this blog.  (I almost forgot my password to log in?)

2.  True Fact: 99.9 % of the people in the world did not notice of care that I haven’t posted in a long time.  🙂

3.  I plan to start using this blog again as an outlet for my thoughts and to communicate to all 3 of you who read this on a regular basis.  (my wife and mom are 2 of the 3)

4.  And now to the more important stuff…………………..

5.  Awestruck Church is now on iTunes and even has it’s own Blog!  You can subscibe and even download the sermons to MP3 player.

6.  True Fact:  I might be the only person that finds that impressive, but I think we are pretty fancy for having our stuff on iTunes.  Big thanks to This Guy for hooking it up!

7.  Our friends at His Scars to Our Scars have a new website and some cool events coming up.  You should definitely check them out on their Calendar Page.

8.  Tyler Ricketts’ (Awestruck Church’s Worship Pastor) new band Runaway City has a super huge new CD release party coming up and you should be there!

9.  You can buy their new CD here…or Best Buy…or FYE…or anywhere that sells quality music

10.  Awestruck Church has some HUGE news coming soon (like 21 acres huge) and I’ll be sharing more about that in a later post

*thanks to my mom for reading my blog 🙂 *

Hiking at Stone Mtn State Park, NC

A quick day trip to hike with my boy.  I love these moments…even if it is almost 100 degrees outside!


My Girl is a Dancing Queen!

Her first recital ever and we were so proud.


New Stage Design (2/10)

This one required more planning, prep and work than usual.  The hard part wasn’t setting it up, it was figuring out where everything went and making the backdrop.  Getting the lights dialed in was also time consuming, but worth it.

The 4 panels in the back are 4×8 Styrofoam insulation purchased at Lowes for $10.  We cut strategically random holes, painted them metallic silver, and covered the holes in wax paper to allow the light to pass through.  (See pics below) The panels were hung side by side are backlit with one Chauvet color Pallet and two Color changing LED par cans.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but each panel has a stained glass look to it because the way the wax paper diffuses the lights.  The drum platform has an American DJ LED color bar underneath and the front is concealed with two plastic florescent light fixture covers to allow the light to shine through.  The front lighting and lights over the drums are color changing LED par cans.  All the lights are programmed and controlled by a cheap Elation DMX control board.

You can have fun and make cool stuff on a budget!

“Looking for Love” (Week 1 Sermon)

“All we need is Love, all we need is love”  This could be true?  What if we could all discover true love and learn to love others truely…the world would be a different place.  In order to find love then we must define exactly what we are looking for.  Google searches confused me and quotes from “experts” didn’t help either.  In the Bible we find the parameters of true love and also the perfect example of true, beautiful, passionate love.

Click HERE to listen to the “Defining Love” sermon

“Living the Dream” (Week 4 Sermon)

All Human life is Valuable to God!  Many scriptures expose how God is involved and invested even from conception.  We are perfectly and uniquely made to accomplish the plans that God set out for us.  The origin of our dreams is found in God because we have been set apart and specifically called from the womb.  What an amazing thought to know that God loved us from the beginning and that He believes in us so much that He gave us a purpose and mission in life.  All human life is valuable to God, and is Vital to His plan.

What are you doing with you life?  Have you ever stopped to ask God “what do you want me to do with my days on earth?”.  Are you living out the plan that you have been equipped for?

Click HERE to listen to “The Origin of Your Dreams” Sermon

“Living the Dream” (Week 3 Sermon)

Everything we see and perceive is filtered through our physical world.  When we read a verse like John 10:10 that promises God will give us life to the fullest, abundantly, beyond our wildest dreams…it’s hard to not equate that promise to our physical wants and needs.  The reality of that verse is that Jesus was saying that he wants to give us true life and even that you don’t start living until you begin living for Him.  To associate this promise with possessions and health is to trivialize all that God wants to do in and through you.  Life more abundant, to the ful, beyond our dreams is all about living life with NOTHING…nothing more important than Jesus in you life.  It’s not about God taking what you have and enhancing it, It’s all about discovering all that God has in store for you.

Click HERE to listen to “Live Beyond Your Dreams” Sermon

(I apologize for the poor sound quality, we had to pull it from the Video this week)

Camping and Hiking at Hanging Rock

I took Micah to Hanging Rock State Park January 17-19 for some hiking and camping.  We had a blast!  He enjoyed sleeping in the tent and walking all the trails.  We even had some raccoons come join us in our camp the first night.  They stole our chocolate chips and then came back to hang out by the fire.  It was an interesting experience.

This is a short video of our get away.  Micah loves to film and give commentary.  Enjoy.

“Living the Dream” (Week 2 Sermon)

In scripture we find that Living the dream and having the “Good Life” is only found by living in God, through Jesus.  It is a life of service and commitment to celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross.  God has a specific plan for each of us to walk out.  Living the Dream is a result of crushing our dreams and living out the life that God promises to go beyond our wildest dreams.

Click HERE to listen to “Crush Your Dreams”

Micah’s First Camp Out

On 1/1/10 my six year old decided we should camp out in the 20 degree weather!  It was his first official overnight camp out in a tent and we had a blast.  He is hooked and even said that he’s ready to go to the Grand Canyon with me.  🙂

This is a short video of our experience complete with some commentary from Micah about out set up and cooking.  Enjoy.