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He’s Back … Hopefully for real this time!

This Blog space has been sitting stagnant for about 4 years now.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time can slip by and how easy it is to forget about something that seemed so important.

Life has changed and my life is busier now than ever.  Two active kids keep us constantly moving in different directions to make it to practices, events, dance, and gymnastics.  A growing church keeps me busy during the day and on the nights we aren’t playing taxi driver for the kids.  (I could go on with my excuses, but you get the point.)

As I reflect on how long it has been since I actually logged in to this blog, I’m shocked that so many years have passed without my noticing.  If we don’t make things a priority then we are destined to let them fall apart.

Hopefully I’m back!  I say “hopefully” because that is my plan.  But we all know what it’s like to make great plans and watch life interrupt our great intentions.  I plan to keep you updated on life at the Parrish house, what’s going on at Awestruck Church, generate some random ramblings from my ADHD brain, and post my sermon notes to go along with the video podcast.  This should be a fun journey to begin.  I’d be honored for you to walk alongside with me.



A Year of Firsts

2010 has been an exciting year at Awestruck Church and in the Parrish family.  We have experienced many “firsts”.

Awestruck shared our first Communion time together and it was beautiful.

I got painted while I was preaching on Easter Sunday…that might be the first and last time

Awestruck became owners of property and a building

*The land was given to us free and clear.  That is the first time I’ve ever experienced that large of a gift.  God is amazing*

My son is officially  a first grader

Awestruck had it’s first Child Dedication Service

Awestruck hosted it’s first Bonfire and Campout

Awestruck had the fall festival on it own property

— We had ponies, and that was a first

This is the first year we participated in Staff Appreciation, because we actually have a stafff

We are doing our first Christmas Eve service this year

I’m sure there are many more “Firsts”, but these are the special ones that come to mind.  I can’t wait to see how some of these things blossom and grow in the future.