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My Girl is a Dancing Queen!

Her first recital ever and we were so proud.


Camping and Hiking at Hanging Rock

I took Micah to Hanging Rock State Park January 17-19 for some hiking and camping.  We had a blast!  He enjoyed sleeping in the tent and walking all the trails.  We even had some raccoons come join us in our camp the first night.  They stole our chocolate chips and then came back to hang out by the fire.  It was an interesting experience.

This is a short video of our get away.  Micah loves to film and give commentary.  Enjoy.

Micah’s First Camp Out

On 1/1/10 my six year old decided we should camp out in the 20 degree weather!  It was his first official overnight camp out in a tent and we had a blast.  He is hooked and even said that he’s ready to go to the Grand Canyon with me.  🙂

This is a short video of our experience complete with some commentary from Micah about out set up and cooking.  Enjoy.

Playing in the Snow (12/19/09)

This was the first big snow my kids have ever experienced.  Almost 4 inches is kind of a big deal here in Greensboro, NC.  We took them out sledding on Saturday and had a blast.

Please notice how Shannon takes Ady out on the first attempt.  Ady then returned the favor later in the day.  No one was hurt, but it made for great video.  🙂

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip (Part 2)

On day 2 we hiked down the Cottonwood Creek trail to a spring.  The trail descends about 750 feet in a mile and a half.  It was very steep and narrow on the way down.  We found the spring just in time…I only had 16 ozs of water left.  We then picked up the Tonto trail and walked it all the way around the Western arm of the Horseshoe Mesa.  The goal was to complete the loop and walk to Miner’s Spring on the Eastern arm, but in our haste to outrun a small thunderstorm we turned right too soon.  This decision led us up a very steep trail to the top of the Western Arm.

Before Sunset we explored a few mines around the top of the Eastern arm of the Mesa.  Then Day 3 we hiked back up the 3 mile Grandview trail.  I did not remember the trail being quite so difficult on the way down?  This was an amazing hike.

Backpacking the Grand Canyon (Part 1)

This is the first day of our Grand Canyon trip down the Grandview trail to Horseshoe Mesa then out to the Western arm of the Mesa.  The views were breath taking and every step had to be measured.  The terrain was listed as precarious and strenuous…I would agree with both descriptions.  Thank you to Larry and Sara Pugh for this opportunity of a lifetime!

A little wisdom from a little Princess…

I have the privilege of waking my kids, getting them ready, then dropping them off almost everyday of the week.  I love the adventure of waking them up.  I try to be creative and use different techniques like dance parties to the Beastie Boys, playing drums, throwing stuffed animals at them…and throwing our live animals at them.  🙂

My favorite part of the day is our car ride to school.  We begin with some rock n roll and head banging to get the blood flowing.  Then we always pray together.  I love to pray with my kids!  Me and my son (6) always choose a fruit of the spirit and pray that God will allow us to have and use it on that day.  My little girl (3 1/2) however has a mind of her own.  She does not conform to the system and chooses to be independent.  She is teaching me something new about prayer every morning.

It’s simple and I missed it for a long time, but it was so powerful once I finally clued in.  She begins every prayer with “Thank you God”!  That’s it…I told you it was simple.  Every sentence of her prayer, both praise and request, start with “Thank you God”.  She is trusting that no matter what she asks for or says to God is going to be taken care of.  As adults we learn to tag on something like, “we thank you in advance for hearing us and answering our prayers”, but my little girl has taught me that every line of our prayer should be full of expectancy and gratitude.  My little diva princess has reminded her daddy what an honor it is to pray, and how much we can depend on God to hear us when we speak to him.

Video of Micah’s 1st Day

Two days in and Micah is still loving school!  Here is a little montage of his first day from leaving the house to the trip home.  He gives us a recap of the day at the end.  I’m not sure what “Beefy Nachos” are, but they sure made his first day a lot more enjoyable.  

The Volunteers (Episode 1)

This is a fun video we put together to let people know we need volunteers to help out at Awestruck.  We had a good time filming it…hope you enjoy watching it.  

*The first episode of Awestruck’s “The Volunteers” Series. Josh and the team discuss the need for new volunteers and why we do what we do. Throwing ladders, arguments, and arrests. Awestruck’s people step up.*

Mr. T “Root, Root, Roots” for the Cubbies

If you were not a Cubs Fan before watching this…then you will probably never pull for them after you see it!  🙂  I pity the fool that lined up Mr. T to lead the song during the 7th inning stretch.