Awestruck Church

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We believe that living for Jesus is the greatest adventure and we find our purpose as we discover how He completes our daily life.  Awestruck is a church for real people, living in the real world, dealing with real issues.

We invite you to join us as we follow Jesus and stand in awe at all He has planned for our journey.  Does anything in your life amaze you?  Are you Awestruck?

Awestruck meets every Sunday morning @ 9:45 and 11 am

5840 Butler Rd, Gibsonville, NC

You can find out more by visiting one of our locations on the web.

Awestruck’s Website

Awestruck’s Twitter

Awestruck’s Facebook

    • Tim Villwock
    • October 28th, 2008

    I was wondering if Awestruck has or is thinking about having small groups that meet during the week for bible study. If you already have them going how do I find out information about them?

    • Rodney Mitchell
    • December 16th, 2008

    Hey Josh,

    • tammy
    • August 14th, 2012

    So I was interested in finding out more about Awestruck like how you guys got started, what you believe, and what if any denomination are you are affiliated. I can only find the fb page and this page and neither of these have that info. Where can I find out more?

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