New Stage Design (2/10)

This one required more planning, prep and work than usual.  The hard part wasn’t setting it up, it was figuring out where everything went and making the backdrop.  Getting the lights dialed in was also time consuming, but worth it.

The 4 panels in the back are 4×8 Styrofoam insulation purchased at Lowes for $10.  We cut strategically random holes, painted them metallic silver, and covered the holes in wax paper to allow the light to pass through.  (See pics below) The panels were hung side by side are backlit with one Chauvet color Pallet and two Color changing LED par cans.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but each panel has a stained glass look to it because the way the wax paper diffuses the lights.  The drum platform has an American DJ LED color bar underneath and the front is concealed with two plastic florescent light fixture covers to allow the light to shine through.  The front lighting and lights over the drums are color changing LED par cans.  All the lights are programmed and controlled by a cheap Elation DMX control board.

You can have fun and make cool stuff on a budget!

  1. Nice. Really, really nice. Thanks for sharing.

    • zparakh
    • June 9th, 2010

    very cool with the stained glass look with the styrofoam. How did you get the styrofoam pieces to stand up (can’t really tell if you got some fly-points from the ceiling) thanks

    • We supported the top with a small eyelet hook and thin wire. The type of wire used to hang picture frames. The Styrofoam pieces are so light that they don’t require much to keep them standing. You could probably use fishing line.
      Thanks so much for the comment.

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