“Living the Dream” (Week 3 Sermon)

Everything we see and perceive is filtered through our physical world.  When we read a verse like John 10:10 that promises God will give us life to the fullest, abundantly, beyond our wildest dreams…it’s hard to not equate that promise to our physical wants and needs.  The reality of that verse is that Jesus was saying that he wants to give us true life and even that you don’t start living until you begin living for Him.  To associate this promise with possessions and health is to trivialize all that God wants to do in and through you.  Life more abundant, to the ful, beyond our dreams is all about living life with NOTHING…nothing more important than Jesus in you life.  It’s not about God taking what you have and enhancing it, It’s all about discovering all that God has in store for you.

Click HERE to listen to “Live Beyond Your Dreams” Sermon

(I apologize for the poor sound quality, we had to pull it from the Video this week)

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