“Hello My Name is…” (Week 2 Sermon)

After His promise of being “I Am” to Moses, God then gave Himself a name that separated Him from all other gods…YHWH.  This name was seen as holy and set apart to His people.  Because of the third commandment,  many people would not speak or write down this tetragramatton out of fear of taken God’s name in vain.  The God of scripture made a bold claim that His is the One and Only true God.  He is not “a” god or one of the gods…He is God.  He claims that He is the Only way to salvation.

This is Yahweh…the one true God of our world.  He formed us and gives us purpose, and ultimately He gives us a hope for an eternal future with Him.

Click HERE to listen to “Hello My Name is…YHWH


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