“Fuel” (Week 3 Sermon)

Ephesians 5 paints a beautiful picture of how much God loves His people.  He Wedding Gown Photocompares it to the relationship between Husband and wife.  We the church are a chosen bride for Jesus.  But what have we done with this great romance?  How have we treated His love?  We have become an unfaithful, adulteress spouse to the one who gave His life to be in a relationship with us.  We’ve trampled on his sacrifice.  But here’s the beauty of the picture…God chose and chased us while we were unfit and He continues to love us in spite of our infidelity.  It’s time for the church, followers of Christ, to renew our vows and reclaim our pure garments.  Time to stand on the promise that nothing can stand against His church as long as we stand on the promise and power of Jesus.

Click HERE to listen “Wedding Gown” Sermon

Bonus:  This was read as an intro to my sermon.  Thank you Aubrey and Lindsay for wearing the wedding dresses on stage.

Here comes the Bride, beautifully dressed in white.  Stunningly clothed in her radiant garments that have been designed for this glorious day.  We the church are the bride of Christ.  We have been chosen, chased and courted by our God.  A beautiful romance of sacrifice.  God so desperately longed for this relationship that He willingly gave up what was most valuable and precious to Him…His son.  Christ gave His life so that we, His bride, could know Him intimately and passionately.  And what have we done with this great romance?  How have we treated this breathtaking abandonment?

We have abused, squandered and trampled on His love for us.  We have broken the commitment of our vows.  We have been unfaithful and adulteress to our loyal groom.  Our relationship is stained and decaying because of selfish, lustful, greedy, and lazy efforts.  We have replaced our devotion with apathy.  Substituted true love for temporary pleasure.

Blemished and unworthy, broken and filthy!  Our God remains unwavering in His affection.  He calls out to His Bride with a heart of forgiveness.  No insult is too great, no offense is beyond His grace.  He loves us!  Christ’s blood shed on the cross purifies our sins, and makes up for our insufficiency.  Patiently He waits for us to walk down the aisle.  Passionately He endures until we dress ourselves in snow white garments, and say “I Do”.

Josh Parrish

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