I’m the Parent of a Kindergartner!

Today was a huge day in history of the Parrish family.  We dropped Micah off for his first day of school and so a new journey has begun.  Another page has turned in the story we are creating.  I must admit that the anticipation of this day has run me through the full gauntlet of emotions.  From remembering the moments of his birth and struggling with the emotion of how quickly he has grown up, to the excitement of the beginning of his school career.  All the ups and downs of this day have worn me out.  

All the nervousness and struggles of dropping him off were quickly erased by the smiles and exhilaration on his face this morning.  Subconsciously I really wanted him to shed a tear or be apprehensive about us leaving him alone in his new environment.  He walked right in, put his stuff in his cubby, (well, in his excitement he put it in the wrong cubby), and then cruised right over to his seat.  He never looked back after walking through the door of his class.  All the prayers, nerves, and anxiety were gone and he boldly launched himself into his new adventure.  It was pretty wild to watch our sweet little boy, who is still so innocent and child like, take this huge step with the confidence of a mature little man.  I was an extremely proud and emotional daddy!

    • Aaron Brewer
    • August 25th, 2009

    I tried to smuggle myself into taking Logan today, but mommy wasn’t having me steal her thunder. I find my emotions mirroring yours today and it is simply overwhelmingly cool and sad at the same time! I imagine the good news for both of us is the great opportunity we have to be men of God in the lives of our children!

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