Praying for Kate McRae!

Please join my family and people across the world praying for Kate McRae!  Aaron has been a friend and encourager for many years now, and this week they discovered their 5 year old daughter has a malignant and aggressive brain tumor.  Please pray for God to do a miracle in beautiful Kate as the surgeons operate today.  Pray for ultimate healing of her little body…pray for God to do the impossible!  Also, please remember Aaron, Holly, Olivia, and Will as they are tired and emotionally drained after this week of unexpected, life changing experiences.  Thank you!

Follow all of Holly’s Updates about Kate and see her Photos Here


  1. Aaron & Holly, I continue to lift up your baby girl along with your other two children and yourselves. I do not pretend to comprehend the horrendus ordeal you are all going through. All I can say… is I pray God’s grace pours out in your heart in abundance on a DAILY BASIS. Find time at his feet in lonley places. There he will restore you to face this with Jesus going before you, one day at a time. You two totally amaze me. You are both a true inspiration of meek (not weak) vessels of God’s instruments of peace, grace, courage, and reality. Continue to be willing vessels for his glory. Jesus will ‘come down’ & heal your baby.


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