The first Milestone…

safe-baby-handling14I remember it like it was yesterday!  I can still feel the emotion and anxiety of that night my wife said get up, we are going to the hospital!  I remember all 20 hours of labor…before the C-section.  I will never forget his first poopy diaper!  It was so bizarre looking that we actually called the nurse to make sure he was alright.  I remember bringing my boy home and thinking, “Now what do we do with him?”.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years and now my son has graduated preschool.  This is his first huge milestone in life.  We have many more to come in his life, but last night marked the beginning of a new era for Micah.  He starts “big school” in the fall and if what people tell me is true, he will be graduating before I know it.  I am proud of all he has accomplished up to this point, and looking forward to see the man that he becomes.  It’s just a reflective time for me to ponder if we’ve done everything we could to raise him and provide for him.  Have we prepared him for “big school”?  Only time will tell, but for now we will spend our summer celebrating his graduation.  

I love my kids!  I love being a Daddy and want to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.  Congratulations to Micah!!!

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