The Day of the Mommy!

Charlie Brown Mother's DayMy wife is a stone cold Fox!  That’s right, I think it and say it…maybe too often…My wife is Hot!  She is physically stunning, but beyond that ravishing appearance is intelligence, devotion, and a passion for God.  I don’t know where I’d be without her in my life.  She lays out the kids clothes, puts their lunch boxes together, washes all their clothes, gives them baths,  comes up with creative play day ideas, kisses their boo boos all better, makes us dinner, cheers at all their sporting events, takes them to get milkshakes…whether they deserve it or not, snuggles them to sleep, is the kids emotional supporter, cleans their rooms, takes them to play w/ the neighbors, sits with them while they puke (I can’t handle it?), throws their snot rags away, gives them the best kisses, always takes them to toy and pet stores, has the power to heal any wound with a band aid….she is an Awesome Mom!

I grew up with a mommy who was just as awesome and loving as my wife is to our kids.  To this day my mom still takes care of her boys.  Mommy’s have special abilities to love and care for their kids that us Daddy’s will never be able replicate.  Tell your mommy how much you love her.  Tell your wife how much you appreciate her.  Mommy’s are Gods gift to us!  Happy Mother’s day to all you moms!

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