Monday Download

1.  I chose not to Download last week…It was my birthday

Birthday Cake2.  Speaking of my Birthday…Sara Pugh made me one of the coolest Birthday cakes that has ever existed on this planet.  I almost ate the entire thing myself!  🙂

3.  On the topic of Birthdays…Happy Birthday to my wife.  (4/28)

4.  Awestruck Church has blown me away the past few weeks!  I am humbled to be part of such an amazing church.

5.  We have decided to stay in the Multipurpose/junk/trash room for the time being.  It has been a nice change of scenery for our Service.

6.  Last Sunday asked our folks not to give to Awestruck, but to support His Scars to Our Scars, World Relief, and our friend Ariel’s mission trip to Guatemala.

7.  I was amazed!  Ariel’s trip was paid in full and a bunch of folks supported HSTOS and World Relief.  I mean people stepped up and gave big time!

8.  Okay, now for the important stuff:  Micah is doing great at Baseball.  He is getting better every game and learning a ton.

9.  Our kickball team is hanging close to the top of the standings and having a blast.

10.  I am currently 2nd in my Fantasy Baseball league.  That’s right, I am doing really well the first 3 weeks of the season.  I am pumped since I had no clue what I was doing in the draft.

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