Thoughts from an Easter Rookie…

* Warning: Unorganized ramblings of an honest and transparent heart may appear in this post.  Be forewarned.  🙂 *

rookieAs a new pastor of a new church I didn’t know what to expect on our first Easter Sunday.  To be clear, I have been part of Easter Sundays all my life and on staff at churches for the last 13 of them, but this was my first Easter as an official pastor.  We pride ourselves on being creative and attempt originality at Awestruck Church.  Many hours of planning and prep work went into our service, but we were still in the dark about how our folks would respond and what Easter looked like for us.  The band worked hard and flat brought it with our worship set!  There was a sweet spirit in the room as we sang out our praise!  My greatest frustration in preparing for this big Easter Sunday was getting my message together.  I am usually a few weeks ahead on my sermons, but this one was different.  It was Easter and it had to be “great”!  After all my creative and “relevant” ideas fell useless and shallow, I decided to do what we attempt every week….Preach about Jesus and let the scripture speak for itself!  I read a total of 65 scriptures and tried to expound as little as possible.  (which is hard for me, I really like to hear myself talk sometimes!)  

After service the response was Amazing!  People were truly moved by God’s word and many commented that it was one of the best Easter messages they’ve ever heard.  The best they’ve ever heard?  Let me say it again, I read as much scripture as possible and attempted to keep my explanations to a minimum.  I simply explained the story of Jesus’ love and grace and how it can impact each and every one of us and it was the “best”?  Leads me to ask this question, “What else is being preached?”.  For whatever reason God chose to use me as a mouthpiece and I am humbled by what He accomplished at Awestruck.  Easter was nothing like what we expected, but precisely what God had sculpted out on that day.  

For me it was not just another Sunday where we could fill up our seats b/c people felt guilty about not being in church since last year…there was a big crowd and a ton of visitors…it truly was an eye opening and heart wrenching reminder that God still speaks loudly and clearly when we are faithful to teach His word.  I love being creative with my teaching.  I love using themes and topics when I speak.  I enjoy making people laugh while I’m teaching.  But at the heart of everything we say on Sunday morning needs to be centered in the Gospel of Jesus and not on impressing the crowd with our wit and knowledge.  These are my meditations on the first Easter service as an official pastor.  It’s not at all what I predicted I would gain from the experience, but I’m grateful to God for continually being patient with me as He shows me how to better accomplish what He’s called me to do!

  1. thanks so much for being obedient and leading. it was a great day for certain!! a great message!

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