Monday Download

1.  I won 7 out of 10 categories in my first week Fantasy Baseball matchup!  I’m sure it was a fluke and will change, BUT it happened and I’m pumped!  🙂

2.  Let’s talk about our first Easter at Awestruck Church.  I was blown away by how many people showed up, but more importantly the stories of our first time guests.  

3.  I was most impressed and humbled by how strongly God revealed Himself through our service.  There was a sweet spirit in the room…I didn’t want to leave.

4.  Now that you know the outcome, let me explain the morning leading up to that result.  This was an continuation of God teaching our team that it is all about Him and has nothing to do with our plans and ability.

5.  Saturday Night:  I’m laying in bed talking w/ God about Awestruck and remembering how anxious and excited we all were the night before our first service in Sept ’08.  I asked God to return that same sense of expectancy and dependance to our team.  Little did I know…

6.  He’d already planned to do that!  When we arrived early Sunday morning…with all our own plans and strategies…we discovered the school had placed 6 large wrestling mats on the stage we normally use!!!  Impossible to move!

7.  Our only alternative was another room, which is used mostly for storage and…well, junk!  It was not ready to use for our service that morning.

img_08488.  That said, here’s the incredible part of the story…our Team stepped up Huge and we cleaned that room out, swept the floor, brought in a bunch of chairs, removed all the trash, changed the entire stage set up, draped off the big stuff, and made it into a beautiful place to Worship!

9.  Why is that so incredible?  God restored our sense of expectancy and dependance on a day we needed it the most!  Then He showed up and made some major changes in the lives of the folks attending!  Booyah!

10.  The past two Monday Downloads have been mostly about what God is teaching us through some struggles at Awestruck and not my week.  I feel like this has been the important stuff that I wanted to share the last two weeks.  Hope it has been helpful to you.

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