Monday Download (On Wednesday!)

1.  It’s been one of those crazy busy weeks where I forget to do certain things that I meant to get done…Like the Monday Download on Monday.

2.  Micah had his first official Baseball Game on Saturday and he had two great hits!  I was proud of him.

3.  Kickball Update:  We played last years Reigning Champs and beat them by 4 runs!  A major defeat in the Kickball world.

4.  Sunday was an…uhhh…well, it was an interesting day at Awestruck Church!

5.  It all started off with so much promise…new lights and stage design.  Sound system was preforming wonderfully.  Then….

6.  A few band members cancelled on Saturday night, and when it was time to begin the service the sound system was not allowing Tyler’s guitar to produce any sound.  (which is it’s main purpose?)

7.  Thus began the frustrating process of technical failure and dropping back to punt.

8.  With that said, Sunday might have been one of our best days ever!  It was a lesson learned for all of us.  Also, a (not so subtle) reminder that doing Church has nothing to do with how great our sound and presentation are…it’s really all about Jesus!  Everything else is just supplemental.  

9.  My wife filled in and sang along with a new friend named Ray that was visiting for the first time with our bass player.  That’s right, we asked him right there on the spot and he killed it!  Great worship time.

10.  This Download had a ton to do with Awestruck…more importantly, how God is interested in our obedience to do what He called us to do, not how “cool” and “attractive” we can make it.  A tough, but necessary reminder of why we started Awestruck Church in the first place.  

Oh Yeah, Congrats to UNC on winning the NCAA Tournament!!!!!

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