Monday Download

1.  Carolina beat Duke…Again!

2.  Duke lost both games to the Tarheels this season!  🙂

Snow man3.  We had some Great Snow last week.  It was my kids first Real Big snow experience!  They got to play in it for 3 days.

4.  The last few weeks have been very reflective and quiet for me.  Awestruck is 6 months old and I have meditating on what we do well and what needs to improve.

*As a leader I never want to be content with where I am, but always looking toward what we could be.  This makes it difficult for me to stop and celebrate the victories.*

5.  Speaking of Leading and Awestruck…We had another incredible day yesterday!  Brandon and Tana did an acoustic set that brought the house down.  

6.  We had Friday Fun Day w/ the kids last week.  We took them to SciWorks in Winston Salem.  That place is cool.

7.  Well, except for THIS!  That is just awkward and slightly disturbing.

8.  Micah had his first baseball practice on Saturday.  He did really good after taking a season off…I was proud of him.

9.  My kids left for the beach on Saturday afternoon which left me and my wife at home alone…Booyah!!!  (I found out Ady is flirting w/ College Boys @ the beach)

10.  I am loving my date weekend with my Wife…Just the two of us!

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