Monday Download

1.  It snowed…I mean it Really snowed a bunch!

2.  My wife is now on Twitter…you can check her out HERE.  I guess I have to behave now?

3.  Speaking of new links…Check THIS out!  This guy has finally launched his new site and it’s great!

4.  We celebrated 6 months as an official church yesterday at Awestruck!

5.  I was concerned that the weather was going to prevent anyone from showing up, but we had a great crowd.

6.  We did something odd at the end of the service, but it was one of the best moments we’ve experienced at Awestruck.  We all gathered in circle and prayed together for the future of Awestruck.  It probably wasn’t very “seeker sensitive”.  🙂

7.  I am pumped about our new series “The Next Step”.  I believe it is going to be a Huge milestone in the history of our church.

8.  We took Micah ice skating last week.  After one really hard fall, he did a great job.  If you missed the video check it out below.

9.  I finally got rid of my old Motorola Q phone last week!  Good bye and good riddance!  I upgraded to the Blackberry Storm, and I’m loving it!

10.  For the Record, I really, really, really wanted an iPhone…But I refuse to switch to AT&T from Verizon.  🙂

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