Stage Design (March 2009)

We kept the same structure with the 10 ft Radio/Antenna Towers and Conduit from Last Month, but switched up the Spandex a little.  Just one piece in between two towers instead of two.  The side panels are lit with two color changing LED par cans. 

  1. Like it. We are working on getting trusses and some LED par cans.
    Finally convinced the PTB’s.
    How would lycra work? I just picked some interesing patterned lycra that I want to try out…

  2. We buy the roll of lycra/spandex and cut it to our needs. White is great b/c you can change the color w/ lighting. Just tie knots in the corners and attach it with rope, or zip ties. Don’t know if that answered your question?

    Can’t wait to hear how your trusses work out!

      • Kory Leo
      • April 30th, 2010

      Hello there, I have been looking for something that could update the look of our church stage and I love the pics that you have here. I have never thought of using spandex for material though. I was wondering if you could tell me where you guys order it from and is it a special size or strength?

      • Korey,
        We buy it in large rolls from a local fabric store. You click on the word Spandex in the post to find it online.

    • Karl
    • April 16th, 2009

    Great look. Our stage looks about the same size and something like this would work great. Where do you buy ‘radio tower’?

  3. Thanks Karl! You can click on the word Truss in the post and it will take you to a website that sells them. We bought ours locally at an Antenna shop.

    • Dee
    • May 18th, 2009

    what size spandex did you get for that look?

  4. We buy the spandex in the big rolls from Hancock Fabrics. You can click on the word “Spandex” in the post for a link to their website. I think the pieces are 5×7? That is just a guess though. The Trusses are spread 10 feet apart.

  5. I love the stage design. I am the owner of stretchy screens we make spandex shapes similar to what you are using. Check us out at Is the fabric you are using flame retardant? Let me know who supplies you with fabric. Looks great keep up the good work! God bless…..

    Josh Dugan

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