“The Next Step”

the-next-stepWe talk about topics in church that fill people’s minds with great inspiration and knowledge, but leaves some confused about what to do with it.  I am often asked “What is my next step?” by people that want to continue growing in their relationship with Christ.  At Awestruck we are going to talk about some practical and necessary steps to take.  This series will be impacting for those still questioning and the more mature Christian.  Following Christ is much simpler than most make it out to be, but following through with the commitment can be difficult.  Join us this month as we talk about “The Next Step”!

  1. It’s funny. When I think about “What’s next”…it’s obvious. Shouldn’t we pray, read the word, and trust and obey.

  2. Hi Peter,
    Glad you stopped by. Your “next steps” are great…glad it is obvious to you. We are also going to be discussing the importance of being part of a local church, giving our lives and resources to further the Kingdom of God, and being a living testimony of the Love and Grace of Jesus. Some of those steps aren’t quite so obvious to new believers.

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