Monday Download

1.  Kids say the funniest things sometimes…and this week I heard 2 of the most hillarious quotes!

2.  My son told my wife he heard someone on the radio say “Stick a paint brush in a Monkey’s butt and wave a Banana at it”?  So glad he was with her and not me!  🙂

3.  Sunday morning in the kids class at Awestruck Aubrey told them if they were interested in having a relationship with Jesus they could talk to any adult or their parents…One of the boys in her class said, “or I bet you could look it up on the internet!“.  That is too funny!

4.  Speaking of Awestruck…we had one of our largest attendances in our short 24 history.  The reason we celebrate our attendance is because our people are bringing their friends a family with them.  We have new visitors every week!

img_06705.  Brandon, Tana, Josh, and Jon (from Layden) did a a great job leading our worship on Sunday!  I say it all the time, but we have so much talent at Awestruck.  

6.  I attended my first Gun Show Sunday.  It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but we had a good time drooling and browsing.

7.  The Carolina Tarheels beat the mess out of Duke last week!  Not bragging, just reminding.

Valentine's Dinner8.  We celebrated Valentines Day by creating a new family tradition.  The boys cooked dinner for the girls.  One of the best V’Days we’ve ever had!  The menu: Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Sour Dough Garlic Bread, and Homemade Ice Cream!  It was incredible!!!

The Circus


9.  We went to the Circus last week…when did the Greatest Show on Earth” turn into a choreographed Song and Dance show?  The kids really liked it, but it is not the circus I remember!

10.  Oh yeah, and Micah picked out some Tulips for Shannon…she liked that!

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