Monday Download (well..Tuesday?)

1.  Last week was one of those weeks you wish you could replay over and over on a regular basis.

2.  For the first time in my ministry I had a man come by my house to shake my hand and tell me thank you for the message I preached!  Very flattering and humbling!

3.  Due to lack of childcare I was able to spend more time with my kids…that is my favorite thing in the world!  And my mom came up to help out…they love seeing their Nana.

4.  On Friday I attended the funeral of the oldest living UNC Basketball player.  It was an incredible celebration of the amazing life he lived.

5.  The Awestruck leadership met to discuss our upcoming teaching series…I am pumped about what the future holds for our church.

Princess and Daddy6.  Speaking of Awestruck…I brought my princess on stage with me this week.  Ady loves the spotlight.

7.  The “Stupid Cupid” series is really hitting home with a bunch of people!  It is amazing how many comments and conversations I am having with people that struggle with love.  God is doing some big things in this teaching series.

img_05728.  Layden is taking a couple weeks off and I am thankful for Evan, Tana, Beej, and Ricardo filling in this week.  They did an awesome job with the music!

9.  The new stage design looks phenomenal, but is still a great task to assemble every week.  I think it’s worth it.

10.  I am jacked up about what we are planning for our Easter Community outreach.  The idea is not original, but the way we are going about it might break all the “rules”.  🙂

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