“Stupid Cupid” (Week 2 Sermon)

Princess AdyLittle girls grow up watching ordinary girls swept off their feet by Prince Charming and taken into “Happily Ever After”.  The Unfortunate reality is that Prince Charming only exists in Disney movies and he is never coming into their life.  The good news:  A Fairy Tale Romance and living happily ever after is possible…even if your prince does not exist.  In this sermon we talked about letting go of the “Some day my Prince will Come” mentality and learning how to be the woman your man needs.  Fairy Tale romance requires work, but understanding how men think and knowing these five things a man needs from a woman is one key to make it happen.  This is the first sermon my wife and I have ever written together, and we had a blast doing it!  It is very practical and the language is  a little raw at times.  (For that reason we rate it PG 13….Enjoy.)

(Side Note: We had some issues with recording this week and had to patch clips from the audio and video to complete the sermon.  We apologize for the lower quality in certain parts)

Click HERE to listen to “Fairy Tale Romance”

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