Monday Download

Micah and Ady in the Snow1.  We got some snow this week!  It wasn’t much, but enough for the kids to enjoy.

2.  The kids attempted their first snow man, but it turned into a snow blob/tower.  Then Adyson tore it down.

3.  I let Micah shoot the BB Gun because Mommy says he has to learn how to handle it before she’ll think about the .22?  We have a long way to go!  🙂

4.  Last week was very productive for me.  Tons of dreaming and planning for the future of Awestruck.  

5.  Sunday was another phenomenal day at Awestruck Church.  We wrapped up our “CelebReligion” series with the gospel according to Britney Spears.

6.  You can find all the sermons on the media page of the Awestruck Website.  A few good videos and links there as well.

7.  I am pumped about the February teaching series, “Stupid Cupid”.  We are going to blow the doors off some great myths about love and talk about God’s plan for relationships.

8.  We had a ton of first time visitors at Awestruck this week.  It was cool to see my old neighbor and some High School friends.  Made me nostalgic?

9.  21 weeks into being the pastor of Awestruck Church, I love it more than I could have imagined!

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