“CelebReligion” (Week 4 Sermon)

britney-on-mouse-clubWhere do you find your inner fulfillment and joy?  That is the question we asked in week 4 of the CelebReligion at Awestruck Church…”The Gospel According to Britney Spears”.  A synopsis of Britney’s life shows that she has attempted everything to find joy, but seemingly nothing she has attained has fulfilled her.  It’s as if she knows that her life has purpose and she is going to do her best to find it.  Unfortunately, not even fame, popularity, money, record sales, friends, marriage, kids, drugs and alcohol, or even different religions did it for her?  Our truth for the week was God created us all with a purpose, and our fulfillment is only found in God.  If we take and honest assessment of our life then we might discover we are all living out the Gospel according to Britney more than we’d like to admit.  Filling our lives w/ stuff, people, relationships and temporary fixes that leave us empty.  Where do you find your fulfillment?  Do you live as if your life has purpose, or are you just maintaining?

Click HERE to listen to “The Gospel According to Britney Spears”

  1. I find it interesting how some of the famous people that I adore, (not idolize), dont have some things together, well they dont have really anything together, haha.
    And my heart is hardened every time “good” people are corrupted by Celebrity life. It really is a shame.

    Good post tho JP!

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