Monday Download

1.  Ryan took me shooting this week in spite of my misfire that hit a large metal power structure last time we went.  Glad he gave me a second chance.

2.  I have discovered that shooting guns is a lot of fun!  So much fun that I am now in the market for a handgun.  My wife is not pleased!

Shooting3.  Speaking of my wife being unhappy…Micah went gun shopping with me Friday and came home telling her he wanted a Bolt Action .22 Rifle for his birthday.  Could be my fault for letting him hold it?  🙂  

***Check out THIS VIDEO to see her idea of “Safe”***

4.  Sunday at Awestruck was Incredible!  We talked about the “Gospel According to Ellen”

5.  A side note: The “CelebReligion” series has been very challenging to preach.  We have tackled some touchy subjects, but I am very pleased with our folks are receiving the sermons.

6.  Our Core truth for the week was “We are all sinners in need of a Savior”.  To0 often the conservative church wants to stand against individual sins as if they are more punishable than others?

7.  We had a bunch of new folks on Sunday.  I love seeing new faces every week and I’m pumped that our people are bringing their friends and family.

8.  Layden, Evan Blackerby, Bannister, and Josh Stegenga flat brought it last night at the Bring the Hope Tour!  

britney-spears9.  I was glad to see so many Awestruck people show up…even though I announced the wrong time on Sunday morning.

10.  I am really looking forward to Preaching “The Gospel According to Britney Spears” next Sunday!  I guarantee you it is not what you are thinking!  🙂

  1. Let me shave your head…. please?

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