“CelebReligion” (Week 2 Sermon)

{Click HERE to go directly to the audio of the Sermon and skip the Description}

tom-on-oprahs-couchIn week 2 of the CelebReligion series at Awestruck Church we talked about the Religion of Tom Cruise.  This topic was nearly impossible to wrap my mind around and teach!  Tom…Mr. Cruise is a self proclaimed Scientologist, and understanding his beliefs is a bit of a challenge.  Doing a Google Search of Scientology reveals a multitude of both positive and negative resources that run the full spectrum of interesting and scary facts.  I attempted to present a fair representation from official scientology websites, court documents, direct quotes, interviews from former scientologist, and credible skeptics to help us better understand what Scientology is all about.   The real question is “Why in the hootenanny would Awestruck spend time talking about this?’  Good Question!

The answer: Scientology is based solely on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.  He is the author and creator of the “Source” and the “Tech”.  As a church, Awestruck Church, we firmly believe the Bible is God’s source of truth for our lives.  All Christians believe in the Bible, but how many are willing to truly devote their life and time to reading and following its teaching?  Scientologists devote large amounts of money and their livelihood to what LRH teaches them to do, but stats say that only 20% of Christians are faithful to read the Scripture?  Our challenge is to be faithful to studying and applying more of the Truth from God’s word on a regular basis.  This is a synopsis of “The Gospel According to Tom Cruise”

Click HERE to listen to this week’s Sermon

(Click HERE if you missed week 1:  The Gospel according to Oprah)

***If you want to know more about Scientology THIS is an interesting Documentary***

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