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Monster Jam! 


Monster Jam!

1.  Me and Micah attended our first Monster Truck  Jam on Friday night and had a blast!

2.  It was a surprise for Micah (5yrs old) and all I told him was that it would be the most manly “Man Night” we’ve ever had…He asked if we were gonna see “The Wiggles”?

3.  I don’t like the Wiggles at all…they give me the creeps.

4.  Awestruck Church was great this weekend!  We talked about The Gospel according to Tom Cruise

5.  We focused on the teachings of Scientology and how it is based solely on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  (A Science Fiction Author?)

6.  I am not a big fan of Scientology…it gives me the creeps too! (Interesting videos on This Site)

7.  Back to Awestruck, Our fundamental truth for the week is that we believe the Bible is God’s inherent, undisputable word and we accept it to be completely true.

Evan Leading Worship8.  We challenged our folks to sign up and complete the E100 Challenge.  I was impressed by how many people stepped up. (see post below for more info)

9.  This Guy did a great job leading our worship today.  Thanks to Brandon and Tannah for helping out.

10.  I am so glad I don’t have to study about Scientology anymore…did I mention it gives me the creeps?

  1. Scientology and the Wiggles are in a competition to each give me more creeps.

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