Church People Don’t Read the Bible?

loud_announcementIf the Statistic I just read is true then only 20% of self proclaimed, faithful church attenders read their Bible on a regular basis!  This means that more Bibles will be purchased than read this year.  That is staggering considering that the Bible is the basis for everything we believe.  I remember in college, shortly after I became a youth pastor, I discovered my  gnostic friend knew more about scripture than I did.  At that point I committed my life to knowing and studying as much as I could.  The more I learn and study, the more I am convinced that God’s Word is TRUTH for our lives.  

For this reason, we are challenging our folks at Awestruck Church to make 2009 a year to start spending time reading the Bible on a regular basis.  I am currently using THIS PLAN to read through the Bible in a year.  We are making THESE PRINTOUTS from the E100 Challenge available for Awestruck Folks this week.  How can we possibly claim to follow Jesus if we refuse to read and understand his word?  

How much time do you spend reading the Bible every week?  What tools or methods do you find effective to keep you faithful?

  1. i mean…. i watch oprah, isn’t that enough?

  2. there’s growing statistics about the illiterate tendancies of the US population, which acts as a double-negative for the issue of unfamiliarity with Scriptures. You might check out the Faith Comes by Hearing ( platform to do “hear the word” campaigns…like how the City of Houston has declared 2009 the “Year of the Bible” with over 2M people committing to listen to the entire NT in a 40 day period…including the entire Catholic archdiocese! We’re doing it this fall…

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